11 Reasons Why Autumn Is My Favourite Season

From all the 4 seasons, I love autumn the most. It would be hard not to put autumn as my favourite season when I’m bracing the hot humid scorching sun in summer. I always hope that autumn would come sooner as the sweaty smells of salaryman in Tokyo during rush hour could be extremely unbearable. And FYI, as a Malaysian, I swear that the weather during summer in Japan is WAY HOTTER than Malaysia.

11 Reasons Why Autumn Is My Favourite Season

11 reasons why autumn is my favourite season

1. The weather


As someone who was born and raised in Malaysia for the majority of my life, to experience another season than hot, cloudy, heavy rain and haze is a wonderful experience.

The weather is just nice. Not too cold but not hot either. Perfect weather to spend time chilling at home reading books with a cup of hot cocoa as a companion.

2. Cute sweater, matching hijab with the autumn cloured leaves and cool jacket to wear

Autumn and spring are the best seasons to dress up! I especially love autumn-ish vibe outfits like a trench coat, earthy colours sweaters and my lovely hijab with its colour matching the vibrant coloured leaves.

My hijab is so cute, right? *wink*

3. Special autumn flavour of snacks and drinks

In Autumn you could see shops and restaurants like Starbucks selling special drinks and I love the smell! Only the smell because I don’t drink tea or coffee. Tehee.

4. Beautiful coloured leaves scenery

What is autumn without the beautiful vibrant colour leaves?


Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.

5. Hiking trip

This is something that I noticed when I climbed up to Mount Takao in Tokyo – the Japanese really love climbing! When I went there, Takao Station is so packed and it’s really hard to move around. Would be best to climb in the early morning before sunrise to avoid the crowd.

6. Brushing up my photography skills

It’s hard to not take good photos when the scenery itself is amazing.

7. Fresh, delicious autumn season food

oyster menu


In Japan, kaki aka oyster is in season during autumn and you can eat amazing oysters based dishes like kaki age = fried oyster, grilled oyster or the delicious oyster porridge. Yummy!

8. Halloween sale, just sale in general lol

I’m really weak to newly released cute sweater and coats during autumn and winter which is why I ended up having a similar style of coats in my wardrobe.

9. Candles

yellow scented candle

10. The vibe

autumn photos

11. Shorter day longer night

So, here are my reasons why autumn is my favourite season from all the 4 seasons spring, summer and winter. What yours? *wink*


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