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If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.
― Stephen King

2017 In Reading October Monthly Reads

2017 october monthly reads

I don’t know what happened in October, but the number of books that I read is as low as my blog stats😂. Maybe it’s the weather. It’s getting colder every day and various shades of leaves in red and yellow are so pretty and #aesthetically pleasing and obviously, it has nothing to do with me bonding with my precious babies books so…moving on to books.

  • ことばの習得ー母語獲得と第二言語習得、著者: 鈴木孝明・白畑知彦
  • SLA研究入門ー第二言語の処理・習得研究の進め方、著者: 門田修平

These two books are in Japanese (if you can read it, #hashtagawesome) are actually a part of my reading for the final year project thesis. I’m doing research on how motivation affects the process of learning L2, second language. You know boring stuff that you guys probably not interested in.


The webtoon is so cute and relatable aside from the author is tall and I’m on the short side. You can read it by clicking the link as per usual. #thisismebeinglame


A Mistaken Marriage Match Series female main characters are all badass in their own way. There’s actually another book in the series that I have only read half-way because my heart couldn’t stand the sadness of watching the female’s lead suffering and humiliation. #alifeasaconcubineintheimperialharemisnoteasy #toomuchbackstabbinganddeathoftheinnocent


Like I said, I didn’t read much this month so I’m adding a new section in my usual monthly reads series – the TBR List. TBR aka To-Be-Read is a list where books get added mysteriously in my Amazon cart and Goodreads shelf. As I’m doing NaNoWriMo writing challenge in November, except for Forest of A Thousand Lanterns, all of the other books are about writing.

So do you have a good reading month in October? If you read from the start until the end you’d know that I’m not.😂 #needsomeonetosharethemisery 

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  1. Halo, Rasya! Your blog is so cute and fresh, I love it! And this reading challenge hit me right in the spot, I only read 2 books (other than my textbooks) this year. I read Anne Frank’s The Diary of A Young Girl in 4 months. So sad. Hope that I could set a goal like you next year! #fingercrossedbutnotsure #letsjusttry

    1. Aww, thank you 😘
      I have times that I don’t read at all so don’t push yourself too hard for not reading. #willprayforyou

  2. You can read japanese language?? Awesome 😀 I only know “konichiwa,arigato,xumimasen,anata wa sikai dis”.. hehehe not sure if that true XD.

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