Before I bought these books, I was undecided between buying the kindle version one with physical books one. Kindle is good as a there are a wide range of books sold at Amazon and physical books look pretty all lined up on my bookshelf (If only I could afford to buy both). But thinking that I want to build my own personal library in the future, I ended up buying the physical copies version.

2017 reading books list



  • Poirot The French Collection; Death in the Clouds, The Mystery of the Blue Train, The Murder on the Link by Agatha Christie | Goodreads
  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky | Goodreads
  • When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead | Goodreads
  • Journey to the Past by Stefan Zweig | Goodreads


  • The Other Side of the Coins by Aiman Azlan and Ameen Misran | Goodreads
  • 103 Great Poems by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe | Goodreads
  • Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain | Goodreads
  • A World Without Islam by Graham F. Fuller | Goodreads
  • Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by Malcolm Gladwell | Goodreads
  • Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell | Goodreads
  • Galateo; Or, The Rules of Polite Behaviour by Giovanni Della Casa | Goodreads
  • You Are Not So Smart by David McRaney | Goodreads
  • The Little Book of Confidence by Susan Jeffers | Goodreads
  • The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr | Goodreads
  • The Secret Life of Pronouns by James W. Pennebaker | Goodreads
  • Obedience to Authority by Stanley Milgram | Goodreads
  • The Lucifer Effect by Philip Zimbardo | Goodreads


  • Ready, Set, Novel! by Chris Baty, Linsey Grant and Tavia Stewart-Streit | Goodreads
  • How to Be an Explorer of the World by Keri Smith | Goodreads
  • 642 Tiny Things to Write About by The San Fransisco Writers’ Grotto | Goodreads


  • Diagnosis 2 by Dr Anwar Fazal, Dr Aizzat, Dr Azah, Dr Fatin Liyana, Dr Beni Rusani, Dr Mafeitz, Dr Mahyuddin | Goodreads
  • Sekolah Bukan Penjara Universiti Bukan Kilang by Zul Fikri Zamir | Goodreads
  • Dracula vs Al Fateh by Muhd Nur Iman Ramli | Goodreads


choukakou cover
Badass female heroine checked
  • 長歌行 by 夏達 (Volume 1~8)

Chinese Title: Chang Ge Xing by Da Xia
Japanese Title: Choukakou
English Title: Song of the Long March (Unofficial)

This one is originally a Chinese manga but the author has quite a following in Japan thus the existence of Japanese translated version. This is one of the time that I’m glad that I can speak Japanese because I don’t need to wait for people to translate it.

  • ハイキュー by 古舘春一

Haikyuu by Furuichi Harudate

  • 教室の隅にいる女が、不良と恋愛しちゃった話 by 秋吉ユイ

Kyoushitsu no naka ni iru onna ga, furyou to renai shichatta hanashi by Akiyoshi Yui

  • 驚くべき日本語 by ロジャー・パルバース

Odoroku beki nihongo by Roger Pulvers

  • 私はなぜイズラム教になったのか by 中田 考

Watashi wa naze Isuramu-kyou ni natta no ka by Nakata Ko

  • 英語で読む万葉種 by リービ英雄

Eigo de yomu manyoushuu translated by Ian Hideo Levy

Most of the time, I spend my day by reading so I’m pretty sure that I’m going to buy tonnes of books later. On a side note, it’s not fair that I couldn’t go to Big Bad Wolf sale and PIBKL Book Fair since coming here because my university break dates don’t match with the dates the sale is usually held at.


Not so smart INTJ. Love books. 3rd Year in Japanese Language and Linguistic. English is not her forte.


  1. Woahhh. Seronok nya ada banyak buku nak baca. I’m a book worm to tapi jarang beli buku
    selalu baca online tak pun pinjam dkt library je. Poket rabak so takde rezeki nak beli.
    And saya nampak you start nak baca komik Haikyuu!! Saya tak baca komik dia just tengok anime
    tapi memang good choice lah nak baca komik dia sbb anime dia pun sugoi! And gosh! Diagnosis 2 tu
    nak pinjam boleh? Hahahahaa

  2. no. haha.

    I bought all the English books from amazon.com not amazon.jp and have them shipped over here.

    review please 😀

  3. Your babies look so fine!
    Last book I read was Diagnosis 2
    Waiting dor diagnosis 3.

    I am not a bookwarm but I interested with few titles in your english non fiction books.


  4. wahh, banyak buku awak,
    from fiction to non-fiction to work book, that's super cool, you have more genre to read. even the language.
    Only if I focus on learning my 3rd language I could buy in that language but the thing is I didn't 🙁

    Anyway, happy reading, Rasya! 🙂

  5. Banyaknyaaaaaaaa buku dalam list rasya.. hoho! Good luck awak! 😀

    Siqah nak baca Diagnosis. Cari yang buku 1 tapi dah takde kat kedai buku. Huhu. Orang cakap best buku tu.

    And yes, spend money like a boss kalau beli buku. Hihi

  6. Wah, banyaknye buku! I wish that I could be a bookworm as well, as you :') Well, currently I am trying to read that kind of books 😀

  7. Good luck on reading all of the books! So excited to see The Perks of Being a Wallflower on your list, it was my all time favorite book 🙂

  8. lol, i like most of the comic strip by sarah anderson coz i can totally relate XD
    wahhh, so many books and manga. :3 happy readinggg!

  9. THAT'S A LOT *and its only part one* /silent cries/

    Goodluck! Btw, I heard that theres another in DIAgnosis series (?) Fobia, if i'm not mistaken lol I wish I could read japanese (dont have to wait for translation)

  10. I've never been to bbw too even I've been dying watching the ads.. Q__Q
    Among your lists, I've only read diagnosis 2, and it is one of the best malay book.

  11. "I want to build my own personal library in the future, I ended up buying the physical copies version."

    Same here lol! 😀

  12. Good luck rasya! u sure have a hugeee non fiction tbr. Me too, but my mood lately was focusing on fiction and hard for me to even touch the non fiction one. Sigh.. :3

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