Beautiful Quotes To Face Your Fears And Start Doing

This is another post on my collection of book quotes’ series and today’s post would be on beautiful quotes to face your fears and start doing.

Beautiful Quotes To Face Your Fears And Start Doing

September was a pretty bad month for me. After 4 months settling down in Tokyo, the feeling of wanting to go home and meet my family and close friends are started to kick and it gets stronger day by days especially when I get back to an empty home from work.

In other words, I’m homesick. Terribly homesick.

Aside from being homesick, I also have a fear of missing out whenever I went to social media and see my friends get together hanging out for a dinner or watching movies or seeing my families holding birthdays celebration.

Living far away from home, I couldn’t count on how many important events that I’ve missed like my close cousin’s and best friend’s wedding, (T_T) birthdays etc and I’ll continue missing all these things until I finally home for good.

I don't feel so good

*Excuse me mopping at the corner of my room*

I’m sad but I don’t want you guys to feel the same so here’s a list of beautiful quotes to face your fears from my I love quotes series

Cecelia Ahern - P.S I Love You

Who else hasn’t read this book yet?

Me. Tehee.

Veronica Roåth - Allegiant

The Divergent series has so much potential (legit thought that it’s going to be the next big thing after Hunger Games) until I, consumed by my greed to be in control and knew the ending before completing reading the 1st and 2nd books and went straight to last chapter and bam!



Obviously, I’m not being fair with my review as I haven’t finished reading all of the series but whatever excitement that I feel when I first got the book gone forever as I read that ending. This is why reading the ending first is a bad idea so why am I still doing it. *whisper, greed my friend, greed*

Toni Morrison - Song of Solomon

My new life motto. Patrick Ness - The Ress of Us Just Live Here

Point taken Patrick.

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Jane Austen - Pride and Prejudice

Who doesn’t love Pride and Prejudice? Elizabeth Bennet remains one of my favourite books’ heroine and any novels inspired by it is welcome with an open wallet.

Edmon Rostand - Cyrano de Bergerac

Never heard of this book before but the words are beautiful.

Cornelia Funke = Inkheart

Inkheart Trilogy has been put in my To-Be-Read List for too long. I bought the trilogies after seeing the almost perfect 5 stars review but I still have no mood to read it.

W.H. Auden - The Age of Anxiety

Featured images by Yeshi Kangrang

I’ve been gaining weight again (thanks to Uber Eats and Pizza Delivery) and it’s autumn means when night comes my stomach gets will be rumbling for food. #Pray For Me To Not Gain Weight

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  1. Mind if I ask, when will you be coming back to Malaysia? I know how you feel. Some of my family members and close lives in Germany. When they get married, Eid celebrations, family gatherings kat Hamburg, I couldn’t be there. Almost 20 years tak berjumpa. We just talked in Instagram Direct Message and Facebook. It’s a feelings that couldn’t be help. I wish you joy and happiness in Japan 🙂

    1. I’ll be back for holiday during New Year but only for 5 days T_T

      Thank you Tqa! If I couldn’t stand the homesickness I might move back to Malaysia faster than my initial plan lol

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