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I’m here again with my Bloggers Love series this time featuring a bunch of sweet and adorkable book bloggers.

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What is a book blogger?

A book blogger mainly posts about their profound love for books and books. I’d love to be a book blogger if not for the fact that

  1. I’m downright terrible at writing book reviews and absolutely love spoilers
  2. Majority of my reading are re-reads which means that you’re going to see me talk about the same book for months.

1. Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane

book bloggers; Drizzle and Hurricane
If you haven’t read Marie’s blog, you’re missing out. Marie is one of the sweetest bloggers that I’ve met online. If you want to know how to actively engage in the blogging community while churning out quality contents to attract readers, you can read her guide below;

2. Zoei @ Whisked Away by Words

book bloggers; Whisked away by words
To be honest, I’m not sure whether Zoei fits in the book blogger category or not but I like her bookish posts so here she is, in one of my favourite book bloggers list.

Posts I love:

3. Dani @ Perspective of Writer

Perspective of a writer
What I love about Dani is how diverse her reading is. Her reviews vary from novels, manga, webtoon to Korean drama.

Posts I love:

4. Sophie @ Me and Ink

Me and Ink

Contrary to popular belief, book bloggers not only write about books related stuff but also can write basically everything from discussion posts to blog tag which I love to do when I have no idea on what to write.

Sophie has written a lot of entertaining discussion posts and some of my favourite posts of hers can be read below:

5. Nadia @ Nadia Izzaty

book bloggers; Nadia Izzaty
Loves her flat lay photos! Her flat lay photos are so gorgeous that companies offered to buy it which led to Nadia starting a flat lay photo service as a side business.

Posts I love:

6. Elgee @ Elgess Writes

Elgee writes
I love her writing so you must love it too because as everyone knows, I have a great taste.

hair flip

7. Fatina @ Amazing Distance

book bloggers; Amazing Distance
I’m going to miss her old blog name ‘The Infinity Words’ but Amazing Distance sounds amazing.

sarang cute

Hehe. I think I’m funny.

Posts I love:

8. Eyqa @ The Hundred Pages

book bloggers; The Hundred PagesLiving in Japan means that I can enjoy the 4 beautiful seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter but unfortunately I couldn’t do the same with reading in my native language, Malay. So Eyqa’s book reviews help me a lot in making a decision on what books to buy when I travel back home for a holiday. Also, she takes beautiful photos! Both her travel and book flat lay photos are a blessing to the eye.

9. Inhae @ Inside The Japanese Book

book bloggers; inside the japanese book

Inhae’s blog is my go-to blog for Japanese books. I’ve read lol okay bought several novels from her recommendation blog posts such as 私、定時で帰ります and 嫌われる勇気.

Actually, I have more bloggers that I love but here is some of them for you guys to pay a visit to. If you’ve any bloggers to recommend do tell me in the comment below. *wink*

  1. This is a great list of book bloggers and I have definitely found some more to follow which is great!! 😊 Thank you so, so much for mentioning me– I feel so honoured to be included and it has made my day. I’m so glad you are enjoying my content!! Thank you, Thank you!!! 💛💛

  2. Marie & Dani, aswell as Elgee are my absolute favorite ❤️❤️ I’d need to go check out a few of thoses once i’d be back home and have my computer!

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