I have a presentation that needs to be done by next week for my 入門演習 class. Since my fellow Malaysian friend had introduced hers; baju kurung I thought it will be nice to introduce something too from our culture. Something from Malaysia that Watanabe sensei and my Japanese classmates don’t know.

入門演習:An introduction class for freshmen and sophomore

At first, the extraordinary brain of mine came up with a brilliant idea to present something about cekodok and then make three different kinds of it; banana, shrimp and anchovies and bring it to class so they can taste my awesome cooking *ahem ahem* and die from happiness later on. I mean what can goes wrong with cekodok. But when I searched up Google to find out about more about cekodok; history, creator and whatever I was….

disappointed by the lack of information. Therefore, the idea of cekodok is dismissed because I’ll have trouble, later on, to make 1600 words report about cekodok in Japanese. Can you imagine it? The horror is just unbearable. So, a lot of ideas came up but I decide to settle on Upin dan Ipin.

Err, for now. Come on, I still have seven days to laze around, right?

p/s: start to had a panic attack from lack of studying for JLPT N1.

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  1. Hahaha comel je presentation cekodok…Tapi alamak nak cari research mana lagi pasal cekodok ni? Kita tahu makan je selama ni,heheh. Good Luck Rasya.

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