I was a kid who won’t bother about dressing up.

Not that I’m saying I’m a special snowflake and pulled a ‘I’m not like most girls bs’ because I’m sure that there are a lot of people out there who are just like me. But you can say that I was quite a tomboy back then and yeah, probably a nerd lol because, for me instead of buying clothes and the gang, my money is better spent on books. Being a kawaii nerd tomboy, my hair was always short boy cut, it never reached my shoulder and my clothes consisted of track suits and shirts that I shared (read; took without consent) from my brother.

But after growing up and going to the university,

I realised that my taste in clothing has somehow become more feminine and ladylike. I started wearing skirts and jubah (During last summer, my mum got a shock when I showed up at the airport wearing skirt who is, by the way, was pink in colour. Mind you, it is quite a step up from my old style (still is) because I can’t just show up for dinner or formal events in tracksuits, a pair of sneakers and a backpack right?

I’m glad that there are a lot of shops notably in Instagram selling an affordable wide range of clothing so, in the clothing department, I got it covered. Handbags, however, is pretty hard to find the one who does not suck. That’s why I’m glad that there are handbags for women that suits my liking; cute but not too girly and more importantly, functional. This is my top3 handbags that I picked after spending hours browsing Zalora website *yeah, this is my first sponsored post guys, tepuk tangan sikit*. If you are my friend who I know will read this, you know what to get me for my birthday *wink*

p/s: To be honest, I’m glad that my university is in the countryside and there is no dress code so no one bat an eye on what I’m wearing. #himejithorbaik


Not so smart INTJ. Love books. 3rd Year in Japanese Language and Linguistic. English is not her forte.


  1. Oh I loveeeee the first one! Backpack tu pun cantik. I never thought of wearing any handbag pun masa zaman zaman sekolah dulu. I'd rather have a wallet instead of purse masa tu! Hehe.. Adatlah kot, dah masuk uni, persekitaran dengan kawan kawan sikit sebanyak mengubah style kita jugak kan. *winkwink* 😉

  2. sebelum masuk U saya ni mmng fesyen paling selekeh macam makcik2. langsung tkde pengetahuan am tentang fesyen. sekarang ni bolehlaa, dh pandai melawa sikit, ewahh xD

  3. Bila masuk university, masa tu baru kita rasa nak melawa, sebab tengok girls lain semua cantik-cantik, pandai dress up. Diri ni jugak tak terkecuali. Hehehe 😀 Handbag yang first sekali tu cantik !

  4. Man, you're so like me. Going to malls wearing tracksuits is okay for me but it is a no to wear those for events. I will be kicked out lol

  5. agree with suhaiza suki..ramai yang jadi feminin bila masuk universiti..but i don't know why..AB tak macam tu pon..it depends on my mood..but most of the time i'm comfortable wearing tracksuit+ tshirt going anywhere..including KLCC and Times Square..hahahha

  6. Noticed the pattern of the bag you picked!. It seems that you are stripe lover..haaa… ringkas dan cantik.. InsyaAllah hajat akan tercapai..Amin..:)

  7. "my clothes consisted of track suits and shirts that I shared (read; took without consent) from my brother. " lol me too!
    ah, if I did have lotsa money, would have bought one of those stripeys for you, too bad that's not the case right now 😀
    hope someone has the money to buy it for you in the future tho 😀

  8. hihi same la kita.. masa skolah mmg nak lasak aje…
    tp lama2 rasa bole je jd feminin sikit2… 🙂
    tp sy still masih suka pakai sport shoes walaupun pegi keje.. kihkih..


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