On Handwriting

My friends always pointed out that my handwriting is bad. According to them,  it has reached a new level of bad and just straight out unreadable. I, however, never considered my own writing bad. I admit that sometimes my handwriting is slightly only slightly unreadable but it had never been a problem to me before.

Well, until now.

This semester I’m taking an internship class to earn experience working with the locals and duh! to fill in the resume. In Japan, entry sheet is used in applying for jobs and in my case here, internships so I have loads and loads of entry sheet to write. It was a pain in an ass since whenever I make a grammar and kanji mistake I need to freshly start over and I even considered giving up but to give up just because I couldn’t write an entry sheet?

entry sheet japan internship summer
This is how entry sheet looks like

No way!

and thus I managed to write everything properly and turned in the application to sensei. The first time I got my application back I got a really simple heartbreaking comment from my sensei.


Please write it more neatly.
notes translating class handwriting
My notes for translating class. Not that bad, right?

And I was like Noooo! That was like my best writing ever. I have never written something that as beautiful as that. Kay. I tried my best to write it more neatly just like the sensei wanted to so I survived. Somehow. It makes me thinking how awesome my teachers are because, with my beautiful and exceptionally good looking handwriting, they are able to read and comprehend what I am writing about.

Anyway, I managed to snatch a spot at a company located in Kobe and did my internship there for 8 whole days. Actually. the internship place is not a company but it is more like an organisation that is aiming to help the foreigners that live in Hyogo prefecture. I can’t close in the details but it was a good experience helping on the events and I got to communicate with a lot of people from different countries and since the means of communication here is mainly Japanese, it is a good chance for me to brush up my Nihongo skills.

So every day I woke up at 5 a.m and took a bus to Himeji Station and arrived at Nada station around 8.am. The whole journey took around 1 hour and a half. Since the trains are usually busy with people wanting to go to work and students to school I didn’t even get to sit *So sad*. My intern place is quite relax compared to other Japan companies; there is no need to wear suits and I can wear blouse or shirts that are more suitable to brace the hotness of Japan summer.

Man, this is one hella entry made of jumbled sentences.

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  1. You wrote 8pm and I thought for a second “really why you did that to yourself” but then you say 1 hour and half so then I realised it was just a typo. Why did I thought it was actually 8PM?

    I don’t know kanji but that look quite ok. Do you have to take calligraphy so to achieve the sensei expectation of neat somehow?

    • Rasya

      Omg thank you for pointing that out. No, actually my writing in general is messy lol no matter what language it is written

  2. Well maybe most of 'em used to write it bigger, and it will look nice as they can see it clearly, I guess. HAHAHA. But kudos, you're still make it readable.

    and goodluck with your internship!

  3. Readable je cuma saya tak faham yang Japan tu.kehkehkeh. takpe usaha lagi, all the best for internship tu.

    Saya pnya tulisan pun kena baiki lagi, cuti lama lepas degree tiba2 nak isi form minta kerja haritu rasa keras tangan.hahaha.

  4. I don't know why but I'm actually laughing by reading this. Rasya Rasya T_T I know it's not easy but seriously you need to write it more neatly. My Mandarin also always go wrong hahaha.

  5. hahahahaha omg sabar je lah. alahaiii, orang unik ni memanglah tulisan pun unik. as long as it's still readable then it's okay apa. haha. takpe, practice makes perfect! tulis cecantik lagi erhh pasnih. muahciked kbai hihik 😀

  6. Your handwriting is okay lah in my opinion.
    Mine is baddest. Sometimes I pun tak boleh nak baca 5 mins after I tulis.
    Pathetic TT__TT

  7. Your handwriting still readable cuma tak faham la hahaha. Sorry tergelak sikit baca pasal application form tu. I understand the feeling bila kita ingat apa yg kita buat tu gila excellent lepas tu rupanya tak tsk tsk.

    Btw, good luck for your internship! 😀

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