Mont Choco Cake Review | Overhyped Or Tastes Delicious?

Hi, lovelies! I’m here with a new food review post on Mont Choco Cake – a chocolate cake that went viral on social media recently in Malaysia.

Mont Choco Cake Regular

What is Mont Choco Cake?

Mont choco cake is a chocolate cake.


What differs the cake from other chocolate cakes on the market is, their chocolate – which is made 100% from Swiss chocolate.

Why The Cake Went Viral?

I was one of the people who ride the hype train after I saw a video of the cake on Twitter. It looks good and the majority is saying that the cake is delicious and better than any viral cakes. So with the power of social media hype, I bought myself 2 boxes of their regular size cakes.

My purchases

Personally, from eating the Mont Choco Cake, I can understand why the cake went viral because

  • the taste is good
  • used premium creamy chocolate
  • a perfect balance of sweetness
  • affordable price

Price And Where To Get Them

I did say that the cake is affordable but that only is applicable for the regular-sized ones. The mini-one is expensive.

Close up Mont Choco Cake

Sorry for the low-quality photos.

RM 15 for that size?

Nah. I don’t think so and the cat thinks the same.

not impressed

Yes, the cake is delicious but you could get a slice of cake that tastes better from other shops.

Regular size – RM 32
Mini size – RM 15

The cakes can be bought online from their official IG store @montchoco.offical and if you live in Selangor, you could just contact the agent directly at @nadhrah_monthcoco.

Mont Choco Agent Contact Number

My verdict

As someone who dislikes desserts that is too sweet, I like the cake. Their sweetness level caters to my taste and I’d definitely repeat the order again for the 2nd time.

But, I wish the price would be a bit cheaper because aside from the chocolate frosting, the cake tastes just like the chocolate cakes that you could found on cheap supermarkets like Tesco.

Anyway, an important question to end the post – what’s your favourite cake flavour? Mine is no doubt a chocolate cake. 


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