I’m not good in doing an eye-catching introduction so let’s just straight to the main point of this post. First, I just moved from urban crowded Tokyo to a rural and much greener Himeji. The air is much cleaner, fewer people and Himeji Castle is strikingly beautiful. Especially because now is spring and sakura have started to bloom.I mean, look at the picture above and I ‘m sure you’ll be nodding your head in agreement. Just enjoying the castle adorned with beautiful pinkish cherry blossoms under a tree shade is one of my favourite things to do in spring.

sakura pretty spring

Looking at the not so bright side, shopping malls are far away from home. My main transportation of going places changed from walking and train to bicycle. Never occurred to my mind that I would ride a bicycle again after like 8 years not riding it. Then, the train system here is weird, old (no touch n go kind of machine and we need to buy ticket first), and the most bizarre thing is you know usually the train’s door will open automatically to take and board passengers but in here you need to touch the open button and vice versa. My friends and I almost cannot board off train one time because the door in front of us wouldn’t open even though we had touched the button. Turned out from 6 carriages only one could be used to board off the train. We got lucky that time because there was also a guy who want to board off too. And did I mention that the train’s length here is shorter?

Anyway, I just got back from orientation at Miki Eco something near here and I’m exhausted. I hope I can make friends, study diligently, scores in exams and entering clubs to expand my horizon plus checking out guys lol.

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