What Happened In October And November Feat Autumn Photos

What Happened In October And Autumn Feat Autumn Photos

So what happened in October?


I’m writing this post on November 18th and I remember nothing about October except for the fact

  • New Ipad Pro 3rd generation launched

I’ve been eyeing the Ipad Pro since last year but since the rumours said that Apple is going to launch the new one this year, I decided to hold off my decision to buy one and woot the new Ipad Pro did not disappoint except for the price. Yes, the price is more expensive than my MacBook Air that I bought in 2013. Damn you Apple.

  • Throw the confetti, light up the fireworks and open all the snacks as I, after almost 10 years of blogging has finally found my blogging schedule. I used to write my post and publish it immediately without a care of the time or day but I’ve finally settled on Monday posting once a week with an occasional post on Thursday.


Stan the Queen!


That’s a lot of posts published for a month. October is my best month when it comes to publishing posts because look at all these posts. 


I could relate so much with what Pamela wrote as English is not my mother tongue language too. I think it is pretty obvious from reading my grammatically unnatural sentences written posts. I started reading in English because I love reading so much and reading translated books feels inauthentic. To be honest, reading in English is easy peasy for me but I found myself having a problem with speaking and pronunciation. I usually found the words first by reading so I would just pronounce it as I please which 99% of the time ended up being wrong. 

It never crosses my mind that they are people who find my blog worth reading but hey, Lorelie you kind girl, think mine is so here me sending kisses from the other side of the world.

Related image

Ain’t I cute?

I’ve always envy Fatin editing and writing skills. Her blog has this aesthetic vibe that I’m inspiring myself to be but can’t because,


Not exactly posted in October but I saw how beautiful Nadia’s wedding dress on her Instagram so I shamelessly asked if she has written about it on the blog and she did write one! You can read it here and feast your eyes with her beautiful wedding photos in here.

And then November came.

  • I had my birthday. This is how I justify me buying an Ipad.
  • Went to Nikko. As expected, the view didn’t disappoint. The leaves are falling down and turning colour as fast as my weight gain.
  • I went for another blogging break as I’m busy with work. 
  • Finished reading 4 books.
  • Went to park for another autumn foliage photo season and the view is EXTREMELY FANTASTIC.

autumn photos




I was busy with working full time and visiting beautiful places for autumn viewing so how could I have time to blog? Anyway, look at some of the photos that I took when I visited Nikko.

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autumn photos


Anyway, I’m back from a month of not doing any blogging related things! Hope all of you have a nice day ahead and since it’s getting colder, stay warm because I’m freezing and it’s bad as cold means another trip to the refrigerator for food during midnight.

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  1. I adore your dedication to blogging and how you actually have a flow when you write. Putting a schedule for blogging is actually a brilliant idea why haven’t I thought about it before, it would sure discipline me. Anyway I really love those photos from Nikko! Oh also happy belated birthday and happy new year!

    PS thank you for leaving a comment on my super old post. I have just checked my blog after god knows how long haha.

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