A Complete Japanese Language Master List For Japanese Learners

Japanese Language Master List

A complete Japanese language master list for Japanese language learners looking for free Japanese language materials and resources. You could find kanji/hiragana/katakana practise sheets, tips to study Japanese, Japanese textbooks, learning Japanese apps’ recommendation, Japanese quotes with English translation and more. Ganbatte kudasai!

But first a short introduction of me, Rasya.

Hi everyone! On the net, I go by with the name Nurul Rasya, you can call me Rasya. I started learning Japanese language around 8–9 months after graduating from high school at INTEC Education College not under the KTJ (Kumpulan Teknikal Jepun) but under PSJ (no idea what it stands for). Then, I came to Japan when I was 19 with the grace of a scholarship from one of Malaysia NGO organizations to take a degree in the Japanese language program. My batch mates and I are sent to study the language and also the cultural aspect of Japanese society, and then bring the knowledge that we learned in Japan to our home country as a Japanese language teacher.

But life happened, and I somehow ended up working as a normal salaryman in Tokyo. After working for 1–2 years, I quit my job and packed my bag to Malaysia because Japan working life didn’t suit me.

Anyway, when I was in 3rd year at university, I decided to create a Tumblr blog to share what I’ve learned from my Japanese language learning journey because I feel that it’s a waste if I couldn’t share it and plus I could also improve my Japanese language ability by doing so which is how this Japanese language master list is created.

I plan to create more Japanese study contents where the Tumblr blog would be the main one (Tumblr is dead y’all) so this blog is my main blog for long posts on Japanese language contents. I’m also active on TikTok, Twitter and Instagram, so if you prefer shorter and video based contents, feel free to check out my social media below.

What kind of posts can you expect from this blog?

Pretty much everything of the knowledge and study tips that I get from years of learning Japanese. And if you’re interested to learn about living in Japan experience, you can read it here.

Japanese 101 Study Tips and Apps

Study In Japan

You can found textbooks, Hiragana writing stroke GIF and Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji practise sheets. More to come soon!

Other websites to learn Japanese language for free:

  • Marugoto: an e-learning website to learn Japanese language
  • Tadoku: free website for reading with audio and English subtitle
  • Animelon: a website to watch anime with Japanese subtitles (Has Hiragana, Katakana, Romaji)
  • Language learning with Netflix Chrome extension
  • Language learning with YouTube Chrome extension
  • Master Japanese from Scratch for Free by Marshall (An ex Tokyo University’s student who created course from beginner to JLPT N1 level for those who wanted to learn Japanese. Totally recommended!)
  • Irodori (Free Japanese language textbooks and online course. Has English, Indonesian and other languages’ translation)
  • Soseki Project – Natsume Soseki’s novels to read with PDFs, mp3 and furigana. Great for intermediate who want to level up to advanced level.
  • Satori Reader – Similar with Soseki Project, this site provides many short and long reading materials in Japanese language from beginner to advanced level learners. Equipped with audio mp3 and furigana. Also available on App Store and Google Play Store.

More Japanese Tips On The Blog

If you have any suggestion or requests, feel free to add a comment below *wink*

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