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When I first started blogging

When I first started blogging, it was just another social account for me. At that time, Myspace was super popular but the medium was too public for me to write my emotional angsty rants thus I started to blog more.

rasya blog
RIP Myspace

The more I blog, the more I found myself enjoying the solace in blogging my heart out. I wrote everything. Well, not everything but I would just randomly opened a blog post and type whatever that floats my mind. It was fun. I got to make new friends on the internet (last time I checked the majority of them have abandoned their blog), earned a little bit of money from Nuffnang and hone my none existing writing skills. My marks for Writing went up drastically that I become my Malay Language Teacher’s favourite. LoL.

Then, school life got hectic so I withdrew from the blogging world for a year and made a comeback with another new blog after SPM Examination ended. For the sake of improving my English I keep writing even though my grammar and vocabulary totally sucks because hey, that’s how you become better.

about the author


  • A Final Year Student at a countryside Japan university. Degree in Japanese Language and Linguistic. Minor: Teaching Japanese as Second Language
  • Loves books. 90% of my money is spent in buying books, 8% food and the rest in necessities.
  • Loves writing but could not stand the impregnable wall called procrastination.
  • Not so smart INTJ.
  • Has a resting bitch syndrome since born. Couple with my IDGAF attitude no wonder people hates me. fake tears
  • Speak Malay the best. Personally, for foreign language, I think I speak Japanese better than English since my pronunciation is as inaccurate as my grammar. I found the word first when reading so… However, in term of vocabulary and writing, my command in English is heaps better.