2017 April Monthly Reads

I can feel infinitely alive curled up on the sofa reading a book.
― Benedict Cumberbatch

Last week, my order of the naughtiest girl in school collection by Enid Blyton arrived. I’ve been searching for the complete series for a while and the best bet I found is from Amazon but the shipping cost is so not worth it so I opt for Book Depositary instead. I was surprised at first because they offer a free delivery service around the world *legit thought it was a scam because too good to be true.* When I opened my parcel and saw the books, I felt like I was being teleported back to my childhood days.

2017 monthly reads April reminiscing childhood memories
couldn’t resist the temptation to buy more books lol

2017 april monthly reads

I read my first Enid Blyton’s book when I was 9 years old.

Back then, when my family and I still lived in Gombak, we used to go to KLCC every week to play in the playground and the swimming pool there. This was 10+ years ago so I don’t know whether the swimming pool is still open to the public or not. And sometimes instead of swimming I will go to Kinokuniya bookstore and sit there browsing for a book to buy. Whoever decides to go with me to bookstores must be prepared to wait for hours because I choose my babies books carefully.

And at Kinokuniya, I met my first copy of TNG. It was a love at the first sight.

Nah, it’s not.

I’ve been walking back and forth around the children’s book section for hours until my mum came to bring me home and urge me to hurry so with only 5 minutes to spare, I just grab books in front of me and it was The Naughtiest Girl In School Book 2. I remembered reading the book and fell in love with it because one; it’s an easy read, simple, straightforward English sentences and two; the book is set in a boarding school. There’s something fascinating about boarding school and the idea of living far away from the comfort of home and family made me excited but too bad there’s this thing called internet whose relationship with me is too deep to break apart.reading reminiscing childhood memories books

I did question my sanity of spending money on something that the adult me wouldn’t like as the books are not exactly tailored to all ages, well, I don’t think the teenage me would like it too. It’s too childish and there was quite a big generation gap that kids nowadays couldn’t relate to but there’s something comforting that I can feel from re-reading TNG. Maybe it’s the nostalgia, the memories that came flooding back because I could name a few books series that had a way better storyline and character development like Malory Towers and St Claire’s whose are also written by Blyton.

I think the only answer is to live life to the fullest while you can and collect memories like fools collect money. Because in the end, that’s all you have – happy memories.
Sarah Strohmeyer, Kindred Spirits

It was funny to note that my college friends (the majority of my batchmates were from SBP and MRSM) are impressed with my knowledge of boarding schools; the evil seniors, strict warden and questionable food quality.

And I was like

it because

dun dun dun


I’d definitely made my children read these (if I could get married someday lol)

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  1. LOL. Just know Rasya, you are not alone. I actually start ordering Harry Potter, getting TLOTR on my tbr list and actually got a collection of enid blyton stories (only I dont know where did my dad keep it, its his btw).

    But that was so nice when you have a huge knowledge about boarding school just by reading, we dont know what actually reading gonna affect our future self.. yet. 😀

    1. hahaha. my order of Harry Potter’S special edition still hasn’t arrived yet because still awaiting publication. Plus, I’ve been eyeing Sarah J Maas’s books because you and Fatina raved about it lol.

      1. The special edition will be release on May. I dont know if you also gonna receive it in two week duration as we in Malaysia like that. Arg. I think the burden on reading ACOWAR weighted a lot. Its so much to handle. I really need a good sleep on April cause there is so much anticipate book on May. huhu. Rasyaaa.. read ACOTAR & ACOMAF pleaseeeeee. 😀 hehehe.

        1. hahaha. you really make me want to read the series now. I’m the type who wouldn’t read book series that haven’t completed yet so I would wait for ACOWAR to release first and read yours and Fatina’s review. xD

  2. You made me feel the curiosity wanting to read the book!

    p/s: I think I’ll be reminded of you if I find TNG after this. Teehee.

  3. Oh, my Enid Blyton totally reminisced the childhood time. Me too just like you, whenever entered bookstores I will stay more than hours. Even, my parents called me I will hardly to get up. Haha.

    Now, alhamdulillah my husband willingly wait for me whenever I’m at the bookstores. hi hi hi.

    Oh, I agree with BV comment as well. I’ve read readers digest too. Readers digest also good to improve our English right?

    1. Yay! I think if both of us were given an opportunity to sleep there, we would totally do that xD

      Glad that your husband is understanding #whenwillI

      Yep. Even though the book was er a bit boring it definitely helps.

  4. waaaaa the only type of English books I read when I was in primary school was fabble stories like the tortoise and the hare. hahahaha I know it’s lame but I did not expose to the language that soon *sobs 🙁

    1. It’s not too late to start. I was not exactly raised in ‘English’ environment (we only speak Malay at home) but I like reading so whether the book in Malay or English, I’d read both.

  5. Just bought 1 of EB book for my 10yo applepie who wanted it so badly to impress her teacher LOL..EB really bring me back to my childhood years when I and make me missing them so much ;D

  6. To be frank. this is the first time I know about TNG series. I do know other Enid Blyton series but just not this one.. hehe..

    1. The series is not that popular.I don’t even like it that much hahaha. I think it mainly because Blyton only writes the first three books and someone who I forgot her name continue writing the books.

  7. ” Whoever decides to go with me to bookstores must be prepared to wait for hours” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I CAN RELATE!

    When I was still a child (?) lol I used to read Dear Yayah series which I’m sooooooo in love with – but the thing is, I never actually have even a copy of ’em. I usually borrowed it from my friends (May Allah bless you all) because books isn’t something I can afford to buy back then ._.

    I started reading English books (actively) when I was in form 3 in .epub format because I can just download it :’) I guess, that is one of the reason I go crazy buying books now lol

    1. Did you just describe me? hahaha. Back then, I couldn’t afford to buy books as much as I please but now I have buying power, thanks to scholarship money (lol).

      I have read dear yayah before but never manage to read the last book of the series.

    1. betul-betul. cuma slack sebab order sampai lambat sikit. Btw, what’S the book you bought? Teringin nak tahu

  8. Perghh respect la rasya boleh baca buku english. Shaf mmg tak penoh ada buku english apatah nak baca haha. ?

    1. I just love reading in general. It doesn’t matter whether the book is in malay or english, I would still read it. hahhaha

  9. I was not that into English books when I was younger but I still remember I loved Siri Hadi & Salma, more about adventures of a group of kids who love doing detective kinds of hobbies. Thanks for this post, it reminds me of my childhood as well. And if I am not mistaken, there are books of Enid Blyton which were translated into Malay. I think I’ve read those. 🙂

    1. I haven’t read Siri Hadi’s but I think I have heard of the name somewhere. Yep. There is a Malay version of EB’s books and I also had read them lol

  10. Book Depository is one of the best online bookstore, right? No delivery cost at all, we only have to pay for the book, it just that it takes quite some time to arrive huhu

    Enid Blyton! One of my favourite! The Malory Towers 🙂 Anyway, enjoy your reading, Rasya 🙂

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