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Books to the ceiling,
Books to the sky,
My pile of books is a mile high.
How I love them! How I need them!
I’ll have a long beard by the time I read them.”
― Arnold Lobelbookish

On Wednesday, I had my graduation’s thesis presentation and after my speech was done, I felt like my brain was overworked – all of my creative juicy ideas are all squeezed clean in finding the materials to read, things to research and perfecting my cough ‘What is this rubbish that I tried to submit to sensei.’ #ItWasDisastrous #ButHeyISortOfDeservedIt

But I HAVE TO WRITE SOMETHING for blog but even after sending countless SOS signal, my brain was like ‘No, I want to rest.’ Luckily, I found a book tag from Jenny of Jenny In The Neverland and with my femme fatale charm, I begged her to allow me to do the tag and she approves. #IThinkSheDid

I mean, who can resist this shining beautiful and adorable pair of eyes. #ICant

The questions.

1. Audiobook or textbook?
My vote is for textbook. I’ve never tried listening to an audiobook before because the idea of listening to a novel doesn’t make me feel the same excitement that I get when I hold a physical book. But nowadays, being busy between writing thesis #FinalYearStudentMainProblem and NaNoWriMo, having someone read to you sounds good. Except, the price for the audiobook is way too expensive. #Sad

2. Paperback or hardback?
Paperback for the sake of convenience and hardback for taking pretty pictures for #Bookstagram. I can’t deny the attractiveness of buying hardcover books – they were prettier, studier and last longer but…..

my wallet could only afford the paperback version. #DoubleSad

3. Fiction or Non-Fiction?
Both. How could you make me choose? I prefer fiction when I want to read some light and fluffy reading to kill time and non-fiction when I want to learn something new.

4. Harry Potter or Twilight?
Obviously Harry Potter.

But Twilight used to be my teenage years’ guilty pleasure despite the controversies surrounding the series – the unrealistic portrayal of the romantic relationship at a young age, Edward ‘stalking’ Bella while she sleeps and Bella’s damsel in distress behaviour. #TeamJacobBtw

5. Bookstore or online?
Both are good. I especially can remain for hours days in a bookshop. But as I now live in countryside part in Japan, the nearest bookstore that sells English books is an hour train ride so I usually bought my books at the online store. #ForeverAmazonFangirl

6. Standalone or trilogy?
If the book is good, the longer the series is better eg; Harry Potter, The Hunger Games but standalone has my vote. Some series that I’ve read are mostly fillers and unnecessary to begin with, and I just couldn’t help feeling that the writer just wanted a quick way to earn extra cash. However, I admit that some genre does works better for trilogy/duology like fantasy or sci-fi as they require more length for world building and character development. #butpleasenofillers

7. Sweet and short or heavy and long?
Hmm, let me think, between sweet and short that would make me smile and happy all day long and heavy, long read that makes my brain thinking until I couldn’t sleep, hmm, I couldn’t choose. Both are precious little babies to me.

8. Cosy read or reading in the sun?
Cosy reading in my bed (more like futon) with a cup of hot chocolate on my side.

9. Hot chocolate or coffee?
Hot chocolate hands down. I detest coffee bitter taste and that is not exclusive to just drink but also cakes, biscuits and pretty much

Like usual, I’m tagging everyone.

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Is writing thesis supposed to be so stressful? I feel like my energy is depleting just by watching the stack of research papers on my desk.



  1. Good luck rasya for your final year projects. Semoga semua berjalan dgn lancar.

    Kak ana dulu minat giler dgn twilight. Tak miss satu siri pun. Tak tau kenapa suka sgt dengan cerita tu. Hehe.

    1. Terima kasih Kak Ana!
      Hehe. Saya pun sama. Mungkin sebab karakter dia semua hensem dan cantik kot. Hahaha.

  2. To be honest, i’ve never finish Harry potter’s movies and never touch the books too( ifeltguilty) hahah but i did finished twilight movies and even read the books (a bit) hehehe #Twilight

  3. 1. I prefer textbook as well. But I would love to join any book-reading events. Not sure the correct term, but you know when the author read parts of book that he loves so much.
    2. Paperback team! Hardback is so heavy T_T
    3. Preferred non-fiction before but I realized I need to alternate the genre so that I have time to relax from heavy topics.
    4. Harry Potter vs Twilight…. haven’t read the WHOLE series and not planning to. But I prefer Harry Potter over Twilight haha.
    5. Bookstore 😀
    6. Agree with your reasoning.
    7. I prefer long and heavy I guess. I love quotes but I can’t really read books of quotes, it feels dry I don’t know why. T_T
    8. Cozy read under my duvet.
    9. Don’t mind either, maybe depends on places where I read.

    😀 happy to read yours and seems like we have similar preferences on books.

    1. You mean the book sign event. I’d love to attend one but I’m afraid that I’m going to embarrass myself in front of the author so I’ll pass.
      4. Is basically, everyone. I know that Twilight is hated but not to the extent that they’re ranked in top 10in Goodreads hated book’s list section.
      Maybe because we’re someone with a serious personality?

  4. #2 I used to reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyy like hardcover book but it just so heavy to bring along anywhere sobs but for the sake of aestheticism, I agree lol!

    #9 Hot chocolate always make me sleepy but uhm so does coffee :’))

    Fighting Rasya, you can do this!

  5. Lovely answers to this tag! <3 I'm with you on the paperback/hardcover issue. I love hardcovers, they're stunning but…they're so expensive :/ I only buy hardcovers for the books I absolutely want and from the authors I love the most, because I just can't resist. Otherwise, paperbacks always! <3 And yay for Harry Potter – even though Twilight reminds me of my teenage years as well 😉

    1. Uuu, we share the same sentiment on only buying hardcover books that we really love. I feel like the publisher really know how to ‘force-buy’ a bookworm because who could resist having pretty cover for the books we love. #thatsthestoryhowiendeduphavingmultiplecopiesofharrypotterseries

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