Darkly, Deeply, Beautifully Blue | Blue Sky Tag

Darkly, deeply, beautifully blue – the sky
― George Byron Gordon

I was tagged by 8 amazing people to do the Blue Sky Tag that I have been postponing to write about since ahem a month ago. In my defence, I’m busy doing job hunting and everyone should just pray for me to get one asap.

Darkly Deeply Beautifully Blue | Blue Sky Tag

From Syara

1. What is your goal in life?

The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for.

2. Do you have any phobia?
Cats. Ahem. They are cute, fluffy and have the most adorable eyes but I would have a nightmare if cats appeared in my dream.

3. Who are your close friends?
They know who they are.

4. Imagine you’re in 10 years from now. What will you be?
Someone rich. With lots of books. And 5 kilos lighter.

5. Can you describe your hidden talents?

6. What is your favourite animal?
Seafood because they are delicious.

7. Have you ever try any foreign food?
I love sushi. Woot.

basil cheese shrimp

8. What do you like about yourself?
Everything. Hahaha.

9. Describe your bedroom in 4 words.
Blue. Books. Tatami. Simple.

10. What is your favourite type of book?
Fiction. Book A book has good writing and a pretty cover to look at.

11. Who do you admire and want to be like?
You know,


From Farah

1. What was the last song you listen to? Describe it.
Chinese zither song that I found on Youtube.

2. What kind of music do you prefer to listen to when you’re driving?
Some sentimental rock kapak songs from Sinar FM. The best part is when I destroy my friends’ eardrum.

3. What is your favourite band?
Ex-favourites: Simple Plan and My Chemical Romance.

4. Do you prefer cheap but delicious food at Mamak/warung or expensive and delicious food at the hipster/famous cafe?
Depends on the distance. #thenearerthebetter #doeshomedeliveryoptionavailable

5. What is the thing that you’re good at?

6. If you have to choose between friends and lover, which one would you prefer?
What’s the situation? Are the both of them drowning in the sea? In the verge of death?

7. How would you describe yourself?

Awesome and cute. *wink*

8. Do you really love what you are doing now? (Study/job/etc)
Yes. I wouldn’t do something that I dislike. It defies my life principle.

9. When did you start blogging?
2008. When blogging is still popular and active.

10. Why did you start blogging?
To write. And somehow it becomes a platform for me to improve my English writing skills.

11. What do you love the most about your blog?
My aesthetically pleasing blog layout and content. #delusionalaf

From Fatina 

1. Between baking and cooking, which one do you prefer?

2. Do you enjoy cooking?
No. I would rather order a take out. Or delivery. Have I mentioned that I love the home delivery system in the Selangor area?

3. What time do you usually wake up in the morning to get ready to work?
Ahem. Can I skip this one?

4. Besides your family/husband/wife/children, share 5 things you cannot live without.
Phone. Headphone. Water. Food. Laptop.

5. Which book genre do you enjoy reading?
Fiction. Specifically, fantasy and martial arts-based novels.

6. Do you have a crush on fictional characters?

Syaoran from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.

If you watch anime, you would know this person. I like Syaoran so much that my first email has his name in it.

7. Can you share your most and least favourite books (if you are not into books, you can share on movie/drama)?

Favourites: Harry Potter Series, The ABC Murder, Ze Tian Ji.
Least favourites: City of Bones, The Fault Is Not In Our Star

8. Have you ever experience anything supernatural?
Being alive.

9. What kind of animals have you kept as your pets?
Golden fish. And then they died.

10. If you were given a chance to travel into a new dimension, would you take that chance?
I would pass.

11. What would like to tell you about another version from other dimensions?
Stop wasting time.

From Momoirun 

1. Have you watched an anime before?

2. Skip this question if you haven’t watched an anime―If you have, what anime is it?
A LOT. You want me to list all those animes that I had watched from my childhood? That would be impossible but to name a favourite; Fullmetal Alchemist, Tsubasa Chronicles, Haikyuu! and Ajin.

3. Have you gone to another country before?
South Korea and Japan.

4. Have you moved to another school before?
When I was twelve we moved from Gombak to Kajang.

5. What is your favourite colour and why?
Blue. Because it’s pretty, soothes the mind and have some sort of magic to calm me just by looking at it.

6. What is your phone’s brand?
iPhone 5 whose battery life is just meh.

7. Watching a film in your house/the cinema? Why?
I don’t watch film or movies lol so none for both.

8. Describe your blog’s layout with one word.

9. Are you happy with your body’s weight? Why?
Nope. I want to be healthier by losing a few more kilos.

10. What is the search engine you’re using? (eg. Google, Bing)
Google of course. They’re like the mother of the Internet world.

11. Do you have more than one social media account? Why?
For different purposes. Like Facebook to read the news, Blogger to read blogs.

From Nurin 

1. Apa pengalaman paling best dalam hidup?
Being alive.

2. Senaraikan favourite drama Malaysia, English. Jepun and Korea.

3. Kalau diberi peluang pergi konsert Afgan, korang nak pergi ke tak? Kalau nak dengan sapa?
Don’t want to. I have to google who Afgan is lol.

4. Share experience tentang movie, Harry Potter, from 1 to 8.
I have a confession to make. I actually only have watched the first and the fourth movie. I prefer books more than the movie adaptation.

5. First time jatuh cinta umur berapa.
Primary school. Couldn’t remember the exact age.

6. Pandai masak ke tidak? Kalau pandai pakar dalam apa (western ke, kampung ke dessert ke etc..)
Look at this hand. I’m good at making laksa, anything with -masak pedas, curry, tomyam and soup.

7. Benda apa yg korang rasa paling bodoh pernah buat dalam hidup ni.
I have a lot but I don’t think it’s suitable to write it here in a public space.

8. Nyatakan genre music apa yang korang suka.
Instrumental. Mozart. Chopin.

9. What do you think of yourself?
Stop procrastinating, you lazy girl.

10. Apa korang buat bila korang rasa down.
Think. Why am I feeling down? What’s the reason? Could it be solved?

11. Senaraikan 10 benda or orang paling penting dalam hidup korang.
Everyone is important to me.

Opening people’s hearts like a boss

From Eyja

1. Tell me about yourself in 50 words.
How am I supposed to count this? Er, okay first I’m 23 years old college student with uncertain future looming ahead but it’s okay, all is well if you work hard and keep moving forward.

2. Open my About page. Is there anything that you want to comment on?
Glad to see the same age blogger. You should write about your cats. I bet they are cute like you.

3. What lipstick that you use daily?
I don’t even own one.#iliveinacountryside #evengotocollegeridingbycycle #beingfashionableisnotpriority

4. Would you love to have a bridesmaid during your wedding day or not? Why?
Nah, I don’t even know whether I could get married in the future.

5. What colour might you wanna wear at your wedding ceremony?
Beige or just something that makes me look extra pretty.

6. Your favourite colour is/are.
Blue, black and white.

7. When is your birthday?

8. Close your eyes… What do you think of?
Everything is dark, can I open my eyes now?

9. Any achievement for this year so far? And what is that?
Umm, is going self-hosted count?

10. Why did you choose to be a blogger?
To write at first then Nuffnang happened and somehow it became for money instead. Now, I blog for my self-satisfaction.

11. Be honest… Do you like my blog? Why?
The layout is simple and it’s easy to navigate. If I were to give advice is maybe to post more. #sayssomeonewhoupdatelikechipsmore #90babieswouldgetthisjoke

From Eqya

1. Do you know Finn of Adventure Times?
No, because I’m lame like that.

2. How much a 10Kg of raw rice cost?
Can someone get me a calculator?

3. Do you prefer matte lipstick or nope?
Nope. On a side note, what’s the difference between normal lipstick and matte one?

4. How do you arrange your daily task?
I would arrange everything in my head but then laziness kicks in and I would just say ‘yeah, let’s do this tomorrow’.

5. Was Power Rangers your childhood favourite cartoon?
Nope. Anyway, do no one think it’s weird that only red can become the centre? It’s not fair for the rest. #foreverteamblue

6. Name me a perfume you are wearing now.
I don’t wear perfume so…

7. Nasi lemak or roti canai?
I’m all about nasi lemak. There are so many varieties in nasi lemak but my favourite would be nasi lemak ayam and nasi lemak kerang.

8. Coffee or tea?
Neither. I’m a very very picky eater.

9. Favourite cakes flavour?

10. Where are you going to celebrate eid ul Fitr this year?
HOME!!! I’m coming home to celebrate Raya this year.

11. What theme your eid fitri kuroong this year gonna be?
No idea, maybe some T Shirt and yoga pants lol.

From Syikin  

1. What is your goal in life?
To live a happy life.

2. The best place that you had visited?
Nagasaki. The place is so pretty and the city screams aesthetic.

3. Tell me about your hobbies?
Reading, Googling and writing.

4. Your favourite movie? (5 only)
This is hard because I rarely watch movies so can I skip this one?

5. At what time you usually go to sleep at night?
Since now is fasting month, I would sleep after fajr prayer and that would be like 3:30 a.m

6. What is the happiest thing that happened in your life?
Being alive.

7. What genre of music do you like?
Classic. You guys should go and listen to Moonlight Sonata.

8. Try to imagine, your money in your hand is one million. What will you do with that money?
Buy more book and open a start-up company. Got to keep the money rolling.

9. Your ambition when you was a kid?
Archaeologist. I love history and the naive me thought that the job sounds cool and historic-centric until I realised that I’m a homebody with the internet as my best buddy who would rather suppress my hunger and wait for my family to come home with the take out food.

10. Memories that you still remember until today?
When I fall into a massive drain in front of my elementary religious school. I don’t know who help me back up but it was a painful and embarrassing experience to date.

11. Who is your idol?
No one.

Fuh, I’m done.

blue sky tag
  1. 1. My mum used to have phobia towards cats but since some stray cats dropped by our house, she can touch them now 🙂
    2. I wonder is sushi means similar to kimbap in Korean? Somehow I am confused if rice rolled with seaweed is sushi or sushi means anything raw etc?
    3. Simple plan ni… teringat zaman sekolah, zaman ada kaset2 😀
    4. I agree that blue have some sort of magic to calm someone. I love watching the sky, it is really calming!
    5. Haha, same here, I need to sleep after Fajr (it is 3am here), it is quite hard to sleep with full tummy T__T

    1. 1. I have never touch cats before. Maybe I should and see if I could overcome my phobia. Or maybe NOT. haha

      2. In a sense, yeah. But there’s a lot of type of sushi in Japan and kimbap is one of them. In Japanese, kimbap would be makizushi.

      3. 90’s kids could relate.

      4. I have a lot of sky pictures on my phone.

      5. Same. I think I gain weight instead of losing it on ramadan because of these.

  2. Perghhh banyakknyaaa rasya jenuh nak baca satu2, btw i like your answer
    8. Have you ever experience anything supernatural?
    Being alive.

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