Winter Break Trip: Seoul

I spent my winter break in Seoul again. It must be the food. It was an impromptu plan and the weather unsurprisingly was not that cold compared to the first time I went there for spring break last year.  This time, I had a chance visiting Korean Folk Village and tried biking at Gapyeong Rail Park.

I realised that:

  • Malaysians are everywhere. Literally. Maybe because travelling in Korea is inexpensive and the huge popularity of K-Dramas and Korean variety shows like Running Man in Malaysia.
  • Their transportation fares are so cheap. Korea>>>Japan
  • But in term of cleanliness it’s Japan>>Wall>>Korea
  • Since the train and subway system are identical to Japan plus the fact that there are a lot of Japanese signboards we never had a problem travelling there.
  • We did our shopping at Myeongdong mainly in Japanese. I guess years of painstakingly learning Japanese finally came in handy lol.

Myeongdong, Gapyeong Railway Bike, Itaewon

Ewha Woman’s University

Nami Island

Seoul Arts Museum


Food and more food

p/s: I just changed my blog URL so to those who have me on their blog list can you please update the link to Kamsamhanida.


Not so smart INTJ. Love books. 3rd Year in Japanese Language and Linguistic. English is not her forte.


    • Rasya

      No need lorh. I envy you for learning mass comm and doing broadcasting works.

  1. omg bestnya ke korea. the photos are so nice rasya, making me feel like going there right now hee.
    I see you just changed to (dot)com, that’s great. I’ll follow you nanti 🙂

    • Rasya

      hahaha. but since it was rare seeing malaysian in japan I feel excited when I see a fellow malaysian.

  2. South Korea! I wanna go to this country after Japan! Nice trip! I hope I can go to South Korea later 😀
    They have various food and of course a various place to visit.

  3. and u asked me how i make my pictures look pretttttttteh ? This is awesomeeeee ._. Gwanghamun spelled beautiful, can I cry? :’)

    Ah by the way, your blog nampak kemas gila ._.

    • Rasya

      most of the pictures were taken by my photographer friend lol. that’s why the pictures turned out beautiful.

      and thank you.

  4. cantiknya semua gambar2 niiiii!
    tak pernah lagi merasa street foods kat sana sbb takut tak halal T^T
    nanti next time dtg korea lagi wajib makan!

    dah tukar link dkt bloglist saya :3

    • Rasya

      kalau toppoki make sure kedai tu jual toppoki je atau dia masak tak campur satu kuali dengan daging or ayam

      thank you mazni xD

  5. lama akak tak online dik, awak sihat ke? seronok jalan-jalan. akak belum berangan lagi nak ke sana. hehe. jaga diri baik-baik, masa muda timba banyak pengalaman. banyak bantu awak kat masa depan nanti 🙂

  6. wahhh the foods look so delicious 😀
    rasa nak jejak korea pulak. hahahhaa

    tahniah dah guna .com n wordpress, happy for you. 😀

  7. Good that u have changed to .com now. Thats why just now i can’t open your page for a while. Can u share what type of food u had and where? That pictures of food looks yummy!

    • Rasya

      It was hard figuring out the settings and all. I’ll post it in another entry later.

  8. The food was so yummylicious and rasya may I ask you how did you do the photo grid cause it was totally awesome! Imma loving it. 😀

  9. the main reason why i want to go to korea so bad is because of the food xD the visuals are killing me T.T

  10. Those foods are tempting me.. Q_Q
    Forever in my wishlist, Korea! For the foods (and beauty products), of course.. XD

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