A Must-Visit Sunflower Farm Near Tokyo

Hi guys! Summer is scorching hot here in Tokyo and I feel too lazy to go out of the comfort of my fully air-conditioned apartment. But, the temptation to go out for flower hunting is strong as I’m quitting my job in Japan!!!! #finally and would be back to Malaysia for good in early September so I decided to go sight-see beautiful sunflower and of course, the view is breathtaking. The sunflower farm is just in Kanagawa, a neighbouring prefecture of Tokyo so if you plan to travel to Japan in summer, this sunflower farm is a must-visit as it is free!

Must-Visit Sunflower Farm near Tokyo, Sunflower Trip Photo Diary


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Where is the place

The place is located at Zama-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture which is just 1 hour and 3o minutes train ride from my place in Tokyo.

[su_gmap address=”Zama, Kanagawa 252-0013″]

Must-Visit Sunflower Farm near Tokyo; Tall sunflower


From Shinjuku station, you could take Odakyu Limited Express to Machida Station (30 minutes) and change to Odakyu Local Line to Sobudai-Mae Station. During the sunflower festival, a direct bus is provided to the sunflower farm or if you’re feeling adventurous you could just walk to the farm which is 1.7km from the train. Like my friend and I did lol.

Must-Visit Sunflower Farm near Tokyo

  1. Zama Sunflower Festival, Kanagawa Prefecture <—The one that I went to
  2. Akeno Sunflower Festival, Yamanashi Prefecture
  3. Oshino Village, Mt. Fuji, Yamanashi Prefecture
  4. Hanako Miyako Koen Park, Mt. Fuji <— Plan to go as I want to see Mt. Fuji for 1 more time #sad

Photo time

Travelling tips

  • Keep yourself hydrated.
  • Wear a hat, towel or anything that could protect you from the sun.
  • Sunblock is A MUST!
  • Wear comfortable shoes like sports shoes. The 砂ほこり is terrible and my sandal ended up being dirtied with dust.
  • Plan your time as the bus get really crowded after 3 pm onwards.

Must-Visit Sunflower Farm near Tokyo, Sunflower-5

  • Bring a small stool if you’re short lol because the flower stalks are taller than me, a 157.7 cm which is the average height for female in most Asia countries. I saw a lot of cosplayers bringing a small stool for them to stand and photographer with expensive and high spec DSLR cameras that day. It was a bizarre experience for me as the cosplayers = Akihabara in my mind as it is rare to see them in numbers.

So how was everyone’s weekend? 


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