In case you haven’t read my About page *abitofshamelesspromotionhere* you would know that I first started this blog to improve my elementary level English skills. After graduating high school, I had a 3 months holiday and with nothing productive to do I decided to open a new blog to brush up my English and unsurprisingly,

it works.

And it would work for you too.

Disclaimer: I still suck at English and sometimes only after re-reading my posts that I realised there are still several grammar mistakes here and there so take my advice with a grain  lots and lots of salt.

imrpove english blogging



First of all, you have to own a blog and if you don’t have one please create one. You can just use the already pre-equipped free Blogger templates for the blog design because you don’t need a fancy blog layout to write in English, right? But, if you do want one that looks nice, there are a huge collection of free and beautiful blog designs at Gooyabi. Anyway, after all the hassle of creating the blog, the next step that you should do is

You write.

Write everything that crossed your mind. What you did for a day, what you eat for today,  just write anything. I know it’s hard because my mind went into a blank mode pretty fast trying to get out all those vocabularies while applying grammar rules that I learned from school into my first blog post. If you don’t believe me, here I present to you my first blog post.

After spending hours creating this blog, I finally manage to post something. Kekeke. It felt weird to write in English because I don’t know whether my grammar is correct, my usage of sentences does make sense or etcetera. I’m really jealous to those who can write fluently in English. Writing in English is hard. Damn hard. Since my vocabulary is poor, I’m pretty wordless to write a lengthy post. Okay, umm *looking at the wall. So, farewell.

Ugh 😩

The first step is always the hardest.



Ah, of course.


Reading is an essential step in learning language because from books you learned new words and the more you read, the more you could churn out new ideas to write. This is an easy step to do for me since I am a self-certified bookworm so to those who basically read a one or two books in a year see below.


My personal pick would be Tumblr because there are tonnes of gifs, pictures and accounts where you can find something that interests you and use those as blogging materials. Plus, there are also a lot of language learning Tumblr aka langbr who offered a lot of English learning tips that would be useful when you’re writing in English.


So you’ve done writing your post and hit the publish button. Go and do some blog walking and ask bloggers around to help you by giving a one or two pointers. Don’t be shy because as far as I’ve known, the majority of the bloggers around are friendly and will gladly help you. If you’re still shy and feel like asking others for help is too much of work, there are free online grammar and spelling checker websites like Grammarly, Hemingway Editor, Language Tool and Online Correction that could help check your writing automatically. It might not be as accurate as the human proofreader but it gets the job done.

Anyway, to practice writing it doesn’t mean that you have to write using a blogging platform. You can always write posts on your facebook, Tumblr, or any other social medias but if you’re one of those people who’re afraid that some of your social medias friends decide to be a bitch and screenshot your grammar and vocabulary filled mistakes posts and posted it to the rest of the world to see, then yeah,

blogging is for you.improve english

Yeah, you 😉

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Not so smart INTJ. Love books. 3rd Year in Japanese Language and Linguistic. English is not her forte.


  1. All the points you’ve shared here I totally agree.

    I’ve started my blog in english I know there are a los of grammar error here and there . Several years I’m still blogging , sometimes I do read my own blog again I can see there are improvement in my english eventhough my english still not good but ok lah . There are improvement .

    Tapi nadia ada je write and post in Malay too. Hihi.

    Whatever it is , we have to keep on writing , reading , get inspiration , asking , learn to getting better in writing day by day.

    Keep on writing rasya . =)

    • Rasya

      Thank you XD.
      It is hard to write in a language that you’re not proficient at. but in the end, it’s going to worth it.

  2. Good tips! Blogging improved my English a lot! I’ve been blogging since 2008 and there’s a lot of reactions I’ve got due to my broken English 😀 Some people are so nice, they corrected my wrong grammar, but some just being mean by posting a nasty comment on my post. But it’s okay, I leaned a lot from them 🙂

    • Rasya

      Aww, I don’t know why people even bother leaving nasty comments. If you don’t like it just leave it be. Is that so hard to do?

  3. Huhu.. Thanks for the tips! I loveeee english since in primary school. I totally enjoyed every english class i attended. Just because i love english but i knew how weak i was, i started to listen to english songs and looked for the lyrics, i read a lot of children story books (mengaku je takpe, malu nanti sesat jalan hiks 🙊) which have simple simple sentences and wayyyy easier to digest. I tried hard to write and speak in english too to improve my skills. And glad that all those ‘struggles’ paid off. I improved a lot! ❤

    • Rasya

      in learning any language you need to be a bit of thick skin to brace the criticisms lol but who cares. what important is we continue to improve ourselves

  4. I like how you choose to write what you do for the day because personally, writing those things will lead you wanting to explain how you particularly feel at any particular moment or things you have done. It seems so mundane and easy but goes a long way. Explaining requires precise vocabulary and I believe that is one of the essences to write better. I always tell my friends who thought I have better English knowledge than them (which is so wrong) to start to tell me about a particular person. They’d go blank. I hope I read more because I am eager to write better like you. Your writing has a calm tone into it and the choice of words and sentences construct is easy to understand but at the same display that you write this with actual writing skills. Why am I rambling so long. lol.

    • Rasya

      Your comment could be elaborate more to become a blog post lol. And girl, your writing is super good. I’d say better than mine xD

  5. nice entry!
    tbh, i’m not so good in english and never tried to blog in english because i have no confident with myself, huhu..
    my grammar is bad too T__T

    but i enjoy reading others blog that write their contents in english! Reading their blog will improve my english language so thanks to you! 😀

    • Rasya

      It’s never too late to try 🙂
      hahahah. arigatou. I’m still learning and occasionally makes grammar mistakes in my posts

  6. I’m still struggling writing in English, sometimes I got tired and I ended up deleting the whole thing =w= welllll time to find something to read. Thanks for sharing Rasya <3

    • Rasya

      I could relate. I think instead of deleting the posts you can save it in draft or something.

      No problem adik manis xD

  7. kalau dulu time skola, ada sorg sir ni dia suh tulis diary dlm BI. pastu dia check diary sorang2. nak faham & tulis Arab pun macam BI juga. banyak simpang siurnya terutama grammar 😂 yg penting kena rajin & usaha, kan 😉

  8. I started using English in my blog since 2016, as far as I remembered because I want to improve my English too! Lol. I used to hate writing in English because it limits my expressiveness, my writing becomes stiff (which I am soooooooo against lol).

    But, its getting better since I read a lot. Takperasan yang I pick up those word and sentence arrangement while reading lol.

    • Rasya

      Man, I hate English because it limits my freedom too but I still mainly write in bm but I don’t publish it to public.

      so true. reading somehow makes us a better writer

  9. You are always my inspiration Rasya, I actually writes in english no more than to improve myself and gradually I found myself doing everything to enhance my writing such as reading, got some Grammarly, scrolling pinterest etc.

    There is never too late to start a thing, now I can proudly thank my past selves for starting to write in english, yeah, it do have so many struggle and difficulties, the first steps indeed was the hardest, but look at where that first step brought us.. here! hehe.

    Keep inspiring rasya ^^

    • Rasya

      I love your last words ‘look at where the first step brought!’

      our past selves will be so proud of what we have achieved. I mean, I don’t come from English speaking family background so it’s a bit impressive feat for me to manage to come this far *pujidirisendiri*

  10. wow, it good lesson for those want to learn English especially vocabulary and grammar,
    for me, i think i need another blog if i want to follow this lesson ( because current blog is more picture than word), 🙂

    p/s: nak test bahasa inggeris nie, entah betul ke tak penggunaannnya, 🙂

    • Rasya

      that’s why I don’t comment on your blog lol because I don’t know what to comment

    • Rasya

      that’s why I don’t comment on your blog lol because I don’t know what to comment about

  11. Blogging in English helped me improve my English too, on writing. Still bad at speaking it tho. Btw your first blog post showed that you’re already good in English lah 🙂 Nice tips Rasya!

  12. whoaa, I love this entry. Really helpful. Bila umur makin meningkat, baru kita sedar actually masih banyak perkataan dlm english yg kita tak tahu, apa lagi nak bercakap secara fluent. Thanks for the tips Rasya!

  13. Thanks for the tips NRasya..
    I always inspire when reading your blog about how to improve skills in writing. I still have many things to improve. That’s why I’m taking Grammar in context for this semester. Honestly, it’s a very tough subject for me.

    Thanks for sharing. Keep on writing and love you so much! Hahaha

  14. i love the GIF. hahahah
    thanks for the tips, i have a feel my english is a bit rusty in term of grammar and vocabularies. T^T

  15. As the quote said “The first step is always the hardest” But you did it. Btw congrats! 🙂

  16. Woahh, seriouslyla. Shaf suka baca entri blog dlm b.i ni sbb nampak exclusive gituww walaupun ada la few of sentence yg tak faham. Haha.

    Nice tips Rasya, thanks! I will try writing on my blog in English too oftenly after this. 😎

  17. Agree very much on these points!

    I started my blog in Malay but eventually created a new blog in English. But, it was so hard to take care of even one blog, I ended up mixing them.

    I am still not that fluent with speaking but insyAllah my writing improved, not really to higher level but I feel confident enough with my skill. 😊

    • Rasya

      Having one blog is already keep me busy enough, couldn’t imagine having multiple sites to manage lol.
      I’m still not confident enough with my skills but I’ll strive to write more until I reach perfection. maybe in another 100years lol

  18. I started blogging in 2010 but I still can’t see myself writing fluently in English just yet huhuhu. And I personally think that not many people blog nowadays like they used to in the old days, kan? But anyways, I really adore your flow of writing!! 😊

    • Rasya

      betul. a lot of bloggers that I know before have either made their blog private or delete it since there are fb or twitter to write.
      thank you xD and btw I have read your blog. your English is really good 🙂

  19. I agreed. Blogging is the best medium we can be what we want without people bashing us.

    I love your English, it’s so smooth. I use Grammarly too!

    • Rasya

      hahaha. thank you 🙂
      it seems like a lot of Malaysian bloggers use Grammarly

  20. Ahhhh it’s indeed a great post Rasya! I still remember when it was my first semester of foundation, I wanted to use blog as a platform to improve my English. It didn’t work for me because I guess I didn’t read much. I only managed to write 3 to 4 posts in English because it took me a long period of time just to select the right words to be used and the sentence pattern including grammar (whether it’s right or wrong). When you read a lot, you’ll enrich your vocabulary and it’ll definitely help you to write better. I hope I can turn back the time and change everything so that I could be a famous youtuber who speaks in English hahahahah okay.

    • Rasya

      It was hard for me too back then. My posts used to be so short like only a two or three sentences.

      It still not too late to be a YouTuber you know

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