Back To School With Cute Stationery Must-Haves & Where To Get Them

A guide on back to school with cute stationery must-haves and where to get them.

cute stationery must haves

Who’s here who loves cute, functional stationery for study purpose, bullet journaling and office use? Me! Me! Me! Last week, the parcel containing my happiness stationery I bought from AliExpress has arrived and I couldn’t help but share with you guys my cute stationery must-haves recommendation for people who’re probably wanting to buy one for school/uni or just want to buy it because they’re cute.

Cute Stationery Must-Haves & Where To Get Them – AliExpress

I love AliExpress so much! If you can ignore the long shipping time (usually take between 2-4 weeks), you could not only buy cute stationery for cheap but basically anything from home appliances, winter coats, to bags and more! My cute iPhone casing is also bought from this site for 50 yen.

Cute stationery haul feat iPad Pro

Here are some of my cute stationery must-haves recommendation.

  • Cat shaped ruler
Cat shaped ruler

I’ve no use for ruler lol but it’s cat! and cat is cute.

  •  Various animal-shaped pens for my study/bullet journaling
  • To do list memo to get my life together
Stationery haul cute
  • Beautiful washi tapes for bullet journaling
  • Blue and pink shades coloured bookmark
  • Small plant decorated stationery holder
Stationery haul

All of them are so cute, right? How about you? Do you love stationery too? If yes tell me where you get them or your recent purchases in the comment below *wink*

  1. I love cute stationary as well! But i am still not in the phase on buying these things yet and enjoy doing my own notes using colour pencil and some pastel highlights hahahaha. I pray that I can invest more on them soon, InsyaAllah!!

    ps: I heard Japan has a lot of stores that sell cute stationary, right? /heart eyes

    1. PAstel highlights! Would love to have some for my stationery collection. Yep, Japan has a lot of cute stuff and even Daiso has a lot!

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