Celebrating Eid, Yummy Food, New Hobbies And I’m Learning Chinese

May and June passed like a blur and you might have or have not realised it, but we’re halfway through 2019! Can you believe it? Only 6 months left before the end of the year. Anyway, in May and June, my days have been productive from having fun celebrating Eid at my senpai’s house to getting myself a new hobby like taking flat lay photos.

Celebrating Eid at my senpai aka senior’s house

If you have no idea what Eid means, I’ve dedicated a whole post about it which you can read it here.

After the fasting month, Muslims would celebrate Eid meaning festival in English. My senior invited me to her house to celebrate Eid together and of course being the glutton I am, I gladly went to even though it’s raining heavily because 1) free food and 2) free food lol. I managed to eat a lot while catching up with some friends and also met cute babies.

cute baby

One of the babies I met. Look at her arms guys! It’s so squishy.

Business trip to Kita Kyushu

It’s my first time in Kita Kyushu for a 1-week training. The place is located on an island and the view would be fantastic if not for the bad weather. The best thing about the business trip is not the training *tehee* but the freshly cut plates of sushi goodness.

Apparently, the sushi place that I went to get all of their seafood from Hokkaido. No wonder the sushi tastes so good.

Treating myself to yummy cupcakes and seafood platter

Manhattan Fish Market Seafood Platter

I promised myself to lose minimum 3kgs before going back home to Malaysia for summer break in August but looking at my weight loss progress



Food you enjoy eating is 0 calories

Me trying to take flat lay photos

One of my new hobbies that I’ve been doing these past months is taking flat lay photos. My skills are still sub-par comparing to flat lay gurus like Nadia, Siqah and Eyqa.

May blog posts

Welcome my new babies

I get myself a mechanical keyboards. Yay! One is a full keyboard bought cheap for 30 dollars at AliExpress. I changed the keycaps to blue and white set keycaps also bought from AliExpress and look,

Blue White Full Keyboard

It’s a beauty.

The other keyboard that I bought is a Varmilo Mac tenkeyless keyboard. It’s heavier than what I expected but this one is also a beautiful mechanical keyboard and the best thing is it’s a JIS layout which means that I could easily switch between the Roman alphabet and Japanese writing system.

Varmilo VA73M Mac JIS Keyboard


I bake chocolate brownies for fun and of course, it tastes as good as it looks.

Heart shaped brownies

Cooking rendang

I also tried to cook rendang, a traditional Malay dish which is usually eaten during Eid. It was my first time cooking it and with the help of some Google and the main ingredient, the paste lol it tastes delicious.

First time cooking rendang

I’m learning Chinese

If you followed me on Twitter @_nurulrasya, you’ll know that I’m learning Chinese so another yay! because I love reading Chinese novels too much. Naturally, for me to be able to read novels, I’d need a 1-2 years intense study but after learning the language for a bit by apps Duolingo and Pleco, the feeling of learning new things is wonderful.

Beautiful sunset shots

Some sunset shots took on my way home after work.

June blog posts

So how delicious would you rate my brownies and rendang just from the picture? A+ right? I know you love me 😉. And do you have any foreign languages you want to learn? Or perhaps you’re learning Chinese too like me? If yes high five!

  1. *gasp* You’re learning Chinese now! I’m so glad you’re doing that aaaaah! If you have any questions you want to ask about writing, grammar, or whatever else about Chinese, I would be so happy to help you. I can’t wait to hear updates about your Chinese language-learning journey!

    Also, that rendang dish looks delicious. My mouth watered when I saw that picture. I would love to get good enough at cooking to make that one day 🙂

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