Discussion Post | Bloggers Why Do You Blog?

I have to admit that compared to the 2007-2009 period, blogging is not as mainstream as it used to be. Many of us who started blogging used it initially as some sort of online diary to record on our boring, mundane daily life and social media has replaced blog to do that. So it always fascinates me when I see new bloggers emerge and bloggers I followed still constantly writing new posts I wonder, bloggers why do you blog?

Discussion Post | Bloggers Why Do You Blog?

bloggers why do you blog

We have Instagram for posting photos, Twitter to tweet and spill the tea, Reddit for fandom or finding community with the same interest as you and even Facebook, who majority said would be dead but data shows that the social site is still as popular as ever. Well at least in my country, Malaysia, Facebook still remains popular with the older generation but how about blogging?

Is blogging still relevant?

I take a look on my old blog account which I used from 2007 and from the list of blogs that I followed, the majority has gone into a void, left un-updated for years. (my old blog included)

And to be honest, I completely understand why.

Not everyone went into blogging to get their blog posts shown on the first page of Google search ranking. Like I said before, a large chunk of people just need a tool to communicate and
express their thoughts and share it with friends or followers.

Blog, on the other hand, is also great to write anything but some might found the process to edit words, customize the post format, publish and share it is tedious.

Human likes attention.

And social media give us that. Likes, retweets, comments, all of the features I mention are much more intuitive to use and everyone has the app in their phone.

Social media gives us the audience we want.

Again, bloggers, why do you blog?

As for me, I still blog maybe because it’s the combination of me that like to write and edit blog themes and also a nostalgia of being a blogger from a young age, trying to set my own theme by using HTML and CSS codes with the help of tech bloggers while earning money from ads by using Nuffnang. *older Malaysian bloggers would definitely have heard or used this site*

This is the first hobby of mine that generate me income, helps me to improve my writing/language skills and introduce me to my new found passion; photography and creating graphic design.

And I would keep blogging. As long as I can type.

So how about you? Tell me your story. 


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