How I Get Into Photography Feat My Best Photos

How I Get Into Photography Feat My Best Photos

How I Get Into Photography

I’ve always like being creative.

From my younger days, I love writing so I write a lot of stories and one of the stories is about twins going to school meeting other twins with another twins’ best friends #twinception. I know it doesn’t make sense and 11 years old me was heavily influenced by Enid Blyton’s St. Clares’ and Malory Towers.


11 years old me writing stories

Then when I was 14, I created a blog to channel my inner creativity, okay #lies. Blogging was the in thing back then – everyone has a blog and writing about my school life was perfect for someone who’s going through angsty teenager phase.


Through blogging, I found out that I really enjoy playing with HTML/ CSS codes and creating blog graphics are giving me the same kind of thrill and accomplishment when I finished one of my many writing projects.

I’ve also met a lot of wonderful bloggers with amazing contents and photos on their blog throughout these years being active in the blogging scene so it was from there how my interest in photography began. 

Casio digital image

My first camera, that I bought for my travel trip to Hiroshima->Nagasaki-> Fukuoka is a Casio EXILIM ZR1100 digital camera. For a beginner like me who has zero knowledge in taking pictures, the camera was perfect. It was easy to use and takes great selfies LOL. 

But the camera has its limits and so starting from last year, I bought a new mirrorless camera Olympus OMD M10 to step up my photography game.

march april retrospect
new camera yay!

I’m no photographer and still have a lot to master the art of taking good photos but looking at all the photos that I took, I could feel the improvement.

I didn’t realise it before but I used to edit my photos super bright because my Mac and phone’s brightness setting is set so low thus when I edit I tend to go overboard. #facepalm

Here’s a part of collections of photos that I took from 2017-2018. If you look at my Instagram @_nurulrasya latest feed screenshot, you could see that I’ve changed my editing game and I might change it again LOL._nurulrasya Instagram Screenshot

More photos to cleanse your eyes.

Anyway, it’s going to be autumn soon and my camera is ready.

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