18 Things I Do While In Blogging Break

blogging break

Blogging is hard.

The process from finding the ideas to write, the perfect photos and gifs to add spice to the contents and visiting other bloggers’ blog take so much time.

People just assume it’s easy because they haven’t done it.

As a blogger, there would be times that you’ll feel exhausted about blogging and desperate to take a break from all of these, but you’re scared. Scared that your already low stats would plummet into zero. For me, blogging breaks are totally fine.

Our blog is not our priority. We are.

I’ve had several breaks from blogging because I feel that my offline life is affected like when I had a graduation thesis to write last year, going travelling or preoccupied with reading.

And sometimes, I just feel like enough is enough and decide to whatever blog, I’m out.

My blogging break could take weeks and even months.

Here’s are the list of what I usually did during blogging break and tell me if you had the same experience before.

  • Watching Korean variety shows. 
  • Editing my writing projects.
  • Travel. My recent trip is to Hokkaido. Look at all these beautiful sunflowers. 
  • Organizing my almost reached the ceiling To-Be-Read books.

to be read books list

This actually my 2017 TBR list that err I haven’t finished reading yet until now.

  • Browsing Pinterest for inspiration.
  • Focus on my Tumblr.

My Tumblr is a niche site dedicated to those who wanted to learn the Japanese language; specifically, kanji and surprise, surprise my followers there has reached 3000+ the last time I checked largely contributed by being consistent. Something that I’m not with my blog.

  • Stalking people on Twitter.
  • Decorating my room.
  • Cook. Here’s a collection of dishes that I’ve cooked during my years in Japan. #Only the lasagna is mine lol
  • Chilling in bed with my favourite books.
  • Cleaning my kitchen. It’s calming seeing my kitchen clean and shiny to the point I could see my reflection on the sink.
  • Shaking my head while Japan variety shows humour that would be difficult to understand for foreigners.
  • Write.


  • Reading my old blog posts. I’m my blog’s biggest fan.
  • Binge reading blogs.
  • Killing time on Quora.
  • Watch a dozen motivational Youtube videos.
  • Listen to music.
  1. Hello Rasya 🙂
    I agree absolutely. Blogging takes up a lot of time and sometimes I love it while other times I’m not in the mood for it! This past week I took a unintended mini-break from my blog (skipped one blog post) because I was super sick and I had a novel to finish. I also like to put my blog on hiatus when I travel because I don’t want blogging to take me outside the mindset of travelling 🙂
    I love the graphics in this post by the way! Just curious, what program do you use to make them? 🙂

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