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I love answering blogging and bookish related blog tag questions which is why I decided to just combine the tags that I’ve been tagged on and some that I found interesting and do a blog tag party!

Blog tag party

The Liebster Award

The Liebster Award is given by Zoei which writes amazing blog posts at Whisked Away By Words. 

1. Do you watch shows in foreign languages frequently? Any recommendations?

Yes. In fact, I rarely watch shows in my native language and um no, not because I’m a snob but just because I don’t watch drama in general. I prefer variety shows like Korean Knowing Brothers and Japan Konya Kurabe and Malaysia sadly is way behind in variety shows.

2. What place do you consider your home?

being the eldest

Home is where the heart is.

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3. Name a book character that you would be the best of friends with.

So hard to choose because I view the characters as someone living in a complete different world with mine so none for me. 

4. What fictional country/world would you like to be able to travel to?

Narnia. Imagine all those snow white photos for Instagram lol

5. Tropical weather or snowy weather?

Tropical. Winter makes me depressed. I need Sun to function and the cost of electric bills per month in winter can afford me a trip to Nikko. 

6. What’s the most extreme environment you’ve ever been in?

Living in Japan in general. Trying to survive in a homogenous country with a completely different culture, mindset and language are not easy to adapt to in the first few months. 

7. Ugliest book cover you own?

My high school textbooks. 

8. The prettiest book cover you own!

The Jalanan Series by Teme. The covers are drawn by the author himself!

9. What’s the coolest conversation you’ve had with someone because you were reading a book in public?

Me talking to someone I didn’t know in public?


10. What’s the most interesting place you’ve read a book in?

Hmm, ancient China. The palace sounds amazing but in the century where females are treated as slaves and human breeder, no thanks. 

11. And lastly… favourite post you’ve written so far on your blog?

My discussion post on why do you blog which I’m pretty proud to write because it reminds me of the reason I first started blogging and why I continue to do so till now. 


Currently Reading Book Tag

I’m pretty sure that I stole this book tag from El @ Elated Books El @ Elated Books on February lol.

1. How many books do you usually read at once?

2 sometimes. But usually I would only focus on one book and finish it in one sitting.

2. Do you ever switch bookmarks when you’re partway through a book?

Rarely because I use anything as bookmarks. Money, receipt, coupon, paper clip etc. 😂

3. Where do you keep the book(s) you’re currently reading?

Beside my bed as I read while lying inside my duvet. #So_Comfortable

4. What time of day do you spend the most time reading?

Basically every time as long as I’m free. When on holiday, I’d only stop reading when I went to bed. 

5. How long do you typically read in one sitting?

Depend on the book-length but 3-4 hours. 

6. Do you read hardbacks with the dust jacket off?

Paperback and Ebook/Kindle Team.

7. What position do you mainly read?

Lying in my comfortable futon bed with food on the side.

Lying on the bed eating

And that’s a wrap.

I’m in Kyushu now for a week training and I haven’t scheduled any post for this week which means the post today is written and formatted using my iPad and oh boy, how I miss a mouse or a trackpad.


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