March and April in Retrospect Feat Cherry Blossoms Galore

Hi everyone, I’m back with my usual throwback post after went MIA for a week. Tehee. Today is actually the last day of Golden week holiday and I’m happy to say that the holiday has been productive. I finished importing all the cherry blossoms photos that I’ve taken from my baby camera and let’s say that it’s a total sakura feast. My memory card is literally filled with pink and white sakura lol which is why I called March and April months of cherry blossoms galore. I also finished reading 5 books and re-read 2 books because

I love re-reading. Duh.


March in retrospect

cherry blossoms galore; march in retrospect

So as you know last year I moved to Tokyo at the end of March which means I’m busy adjusting life from the countryside of Japan to bustling Tokyo. Imagine going from a place with green small mountains everywhere to tall buildings and ants of people.

Life sucks back then.

Cherry blossoms galore

This year is what I’d call a revenge year for me to go sightseeing beautiful pink cherry blossoms. I went to

The place is 2-3 hours away by train from Tokyo but the scenery is stunning. Totally worth the money and time taking the train as early as 6:30 a.m.

  • Yoyogi Park

The weather was gloomy that day but thankfully no rain means my photo taking session progress smoothly.

  • Meguro River

cherry blossoms galore; Meguro river

My first time going to Meguro River at night and the sight is drop dead gorgeous minus the crowd. The crowd was crazy and I pity the people who live in the neighbourhood because the commute using the train would be anything but nice in cherry blossoms season.

Did I mention that all of the places above are free?


March blog posts

On March, I managed to write constant post weekly which is something worth applauding for.


LOL. Okay, it’s not.

On reading

  • Flying high by Tony Fernandes.

flying high tony fernandes

Tony Fernandes is the founder of Malaysia’s LCC airline flight, Air Asia and I’ve always admired the way he handles his business till it becomes one of the tops in the world today. It surprises me that his parents sent him to the UK for boarding school at the tender age of 13 years old. Going to boarding school is not a foreign concept for Malaysian like me but boarding school in another country? Wow.

I’ve also read some Chinese novels but I forgot their name lol. Excuse me as I try to rack my brain in the corner to find the title of the novels.



April in retrospect

april in retrospect

In April, I went to see Mt. Fuji for a day trip and the sight is breathtaking.

Working life

I was assigned to work at Shinjuku branch for a month and as we’re communicating with the Europe team, working hours are more flexible. So I work from 10 to 7 which is okay as Shinjuku station during rush hour is hell.

Forget about sitting because even in Tokyo Metro line, I couldn’t snatch a seat but for my commute to Shinjuku Station using Yamanote Line, I’d be lucky to not push people or be pushed.

April blog posts

Only 2 posts in April.

Posts that I love

I LOVE lasagna. The creamy cheese with chicken and tomato sauce combination is yummy. But the calories are extremely high and I usually eat lasagna with rice so double the calories. So Kiki’s post is like a silver lining in my dark dreary world without lasagna.

Another brilliant blogging tips from Marie who I admire for her blogging ethics. She’s constantly delivering fun and informative posts while effortlessly being active in the blogging community. #Respect

The light novel 君の膵臓をたべたい, is really popular in Japan and I saw it once at the bookstore and Dani’s post kind of remind me that I need to get this book as soon as I can.

Inhae has always inspired me to read more books in Japanese. I don’t know how she managed to find the time to read all those books because I can’t.

So how was everyone’s month? 

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  1. The cherry blossom looks so beautiful. It’s such pretty scenery! I have started really loving cherry blossoms recently and even brought cherry blossom washi tape haha! I hope you are having a great May ❤️xxx

    1. The scenery is absolutely stunning. I love washi tape but I still din’t know what to do with it if I bought one. Maybe you could give me some ideas in a blog post *wink*

  2. Oh dear me – Spring in Japan is so gorgeous, and Mt Fuji looks magnificent! Love to read about your experience there and really hoping that I’ll get to revisit Japan some time in the future and experience all its wonders. Have fun working, your hard work there will ensure that Malaysian workers in Japan will always be welcomed. Hope it’s true about Japan’s plan to get 50,000 Malaysians to work there. There are so much that we can learn from the Japanese.

    1. Thank you! I’ll work hard to not tarnish the Malaysian reputation in Japan. The news is true but we’re worried because some of the bad companies are trying to find cheap labours and don’t care about the workers’ health etc.

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