Back To Malaysia + Life Updates

Hi guys! Just want to update that I’m now officially back in Malaysia! 🇲🇾

Yay in haze.

Cough. No.

Some of you might have heard about it on Twitter but currently, Malaysia, Singapore, Borneo, Indonesia are being attacked by toxic haze and its getting worse due to the st being burned at for palm oil plantation in Indonesia. #capitalist

I hope that it would go away soon. I miss Malaysia’s beautiful blue sky.

Btw, more info on the haze can be read on below tweet.

The sky even turned red at Jambi, Indonesia. I don’t know why Indonesia president is being stubborn on accepting help from Malaysia and Singapore. Please, your people are suffering! And we are too.

It was a good thing that I managed to enjoy a short tour trip in Tokyo with my parents before going back. We went to the must-visit tourist spots like:

  • Nippori for cheap textile stuff
  • Asakusa to see Sky Tree, the Sensoji temple and enjoy street food
  • Tokyo Station because the building architecture is #ootd_worthy

Tokyo Station

  • my neighbourhood because why not. I took a short walk with my father after sunrise and my place is so serene and beautiful in the morning

My neighborhood

  • Shibuya for the crossing and Mega Donki for souvenirs and skincare products
  • Harajuku for the delicious crepe

Crepe at Harajuku

  • Tokyo Camii Mosque as my father wanted to experience the feeling of performing the Friday prayer in Japan. The khutbah is in Japanese lol.

Camii Mosque

Anyway, I started my new job last week and it was okay. My workplace is pretty close to my home so I would be living off my parents’ house lol. Yay for free rent.

I have been looking at Shopee and Lazada to find storage box, decorative items, shawl hanger, soft fur rug etc. to bring some life into my room. And not forgetting to sort ‘throwing’ my sister’s stuff outside and put my stuff instead. I‘m the eldest, I’m calling the shot. #flip_hijab

evil laugh

Hope you guys are doing well too and for Malaysian try to avoid outdoor activities and wear a mask. I’m too lazy to wear one but I don’t want my lung to suffer.

  1. bila tgok berita tentang jerebu nie rasa mcm sedih pula.. I hope everything will be okay soon.. Tak tahan lah jerebu lama2 .. btw, welcome back to Malaysia and congrats for your new job! ^^

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