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being the eldestSometimes being the eldest is not so bad.

I used to hate being the eldest. Scratch hate. I detest it.

Being the eldest comes with a great responsibility. My parents would expect just the best from me nothing less than an A when it comes to school grades and frankly speaking, those expectations wore me down sometimes.

Well, not anymore.

Growing up and maturing a little bit I can see that being the eldest helped me shaped my personality and of course, the advantages of being the firstborn is not something that I could deny.

being the eldest

eldest perks

If my parents were outside (working etc), the one who rules the house is me. For start, the remote control is in my hand, the privilege of sitting in the comfiest and strategic couch near the tv is mine and of course,

eldest perks


I couldn’t imagine the situation where I’d have a brother/sister ordering me around to do chores. Just thinking about it makes my skin crawl.

eldest perks




eldest perks

I could think of many more advantages but I’m so lazy right now so maybe you guys could add some.

Here my mandatory pleading puppy eyes emoji, I mean gif.

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  1. I’m the eldest too but I guess my siblings look more like the elder one. They sometimes ordering me to do something too. Hahaha.. Sometimes I’m ok with it but sometimes I’m not. Hahaha.

    The best part of me for being the eldest and petite because people thought that I am the youngest. Hahaha.
    My siblings are taller than me so yeah that why I guess I’m being the eldest is the best hahaha =p

  2. I’m the eldest too and yeah, ordering around is so good that I even question myself am I that lazy or what. Nonetheless, the responsibility is there but I never thought it as I am responsible but more like I have to do this because I want to care for them. Like be success etc etc, I like it that I can get the chance to show my siblings how far they can go. Your choice of gif is so on point.

    1. I tried to find the suitable gif to match the post.
      I do order my siblings around but I do my job too lol. You have such a great mindset as a sister. If I were your siblings I’d want to be like you xD

  3. Hahaha, i feel yaaaa. Me the first too. Its kinda amazing to be number one but sometimes its tiresome.

  4. Gosh! Nasib badan aku ni ni bukan anak sulung, nor anak bongsu. Jadi anak ke-4 tak pernah ada kelebihan apa-apa hahahahah

  5. I’m the eldest too kak Rasya! Heheeee ^_^ but, what the most thing that worries me was my results and definitely I’m not the one in my siblings yang selalu got good result (bukan selalu but ada juga)..champion tu champion ni and etc…duh -,- but yeah I admit that sometimes being the eldest is not so bad..sebab I’m the one who controlling everything muahahaa *evil laughs* and I’m extremely happy that I’m the only girl in my siblings yeaaaayyy! :v so that, everyone in my whole family will appreciate me! well,not everyone dilahirkan sempurna kan Kak Rasya? As long as kita jangan give then there’s always a chance. :’)))

    1. Omg, the only girl in the family. *minus your mum of course*

      yeah, being the eldest is hard when it comes to the unrealistic expectation to do well in practically everything just because I need to set an example to my other siblings.

      Don’t give up too syara!

  6. i’m the youngest one! hahahaha. semua kedudukan adik beradik ada baik buruknya. cth macam anak bongsu. yaaa, when our parents getting old. they would find the youngest okay. because the eldest will busy with him/her kids ?

  7. Well yeah, being the eldest have many perks, I can agree (seeing how my older sister gets many things first). But getting that also means carrying a huge responsibility to achieve what our parents expected of course. I’m the middle child and I feel like I used to suffer the middle-child syndrome lol (have you heard about it?). As much as I’m jealous with my older sister being showered with attention, and my youngest sister getting almost everything she wanted, I don’t think I’d change my spot now. I learned a lot being the middle child 🙂

    1. I knew about the middle child syndrome. I think my sister is now suffering from the same syndrome. I think in your case because your siblings are all girls the MCS affects you more since being the same gender and all. Like my second brother don’t have MCS because he was a he.

  8. Waa, advantages of being eldest, good for you,
    but remember, when anything happen during your parent outside house,
    you will be the first person to face them during interrogation session, hehe

  9. Eyja anak tunggal so takde rasa boleh suruh ambik itu ini. Hahahahahahahahaha (gelak panjang sebab sedih).

    Tapi adik beradik ipar adalah, so feeling mengarah tu adalah, dapatlah merasa.. Heheheh.

  10. my eldest brother never did something like that; he never ordered us younger siblings around to do this and that 😛 i like being the younger one (although not the youngest).

    1. your brother reminds me of my friend’s brother. He’s like so kind *according to my friend* and would always try to help their siblings but on the other hand, the second born ‘the eldest sister’ is so scary lol.

  11. Anak tunggal pun samaaaaa macam the eldest (bila balik kampung ramai-ramai dengan cousins kenit berderet). Bhahahahaha ??

    1. bila jumpa cousin meriah kan kumpul ramai-ramai. lamanya tak balik kampung. semua dah besar berkahwin dan bearank pinak hahaha

  12. I’m eldest in the family too and eldest is the queen! hihi
    Oh and also to add more, always dapat duit raya lebih sikit dari adik-adik hehe :p
    cuma being the eldest ni selalu sangat kena buat house chores T_T

  13. Since i’m the youngest in my family, being the youngest is awesome! hahahaha
    but I would love to have younger sisters/brothers. Sobs its too late.

      1. Gosh Rasyaaa, kenapa jujur sangat ni, kahkahkah.

        Yes, tapi kadang2 rasa, Ya Allah terima kasih sebab ramai adik, terutamanya bila nak tidur dan selesa atas katil tapi lupa tutup lampu. You know what i mean, kehkehkeh.

  14. I dont have any siblings so no advantages I can offer. hahaha. but seeing you post im sure you have a great time as the elder. lol.

  15. im legit have a draft about ‘the perks of having siblings’ that im gonna continue to write maybe soon. LOL the coincidence. hahhahaa

    im used to hate being the eldest because im always forced to give in when arguing/fighting over something when im younger and my siblings even younger. BUT now, the power in my hands. HAHAHHAHA

    im the eldest, so im totally agreed with this.

  16. Agree with all your statement. And other adv being eldest “my thing is mine and your thing is mine” hahahahaha

  17. Jadi anak sulung yang best nya sebab boleh arah adik-adik buat kerja. Kalau adik suruh kita buat kerja macam pelik pulak. Hehe ?

  18. From my personal experience, parents love the eldest the MOST. He/she is the first child and everything, every feeling is the first one for the parents. Yes, parents may have high expectation but they also feel guilty towards the first child as they don’t have much experience to deal with their own children. T_T

  19. okay, since you came out with this benefit of being the eldest, I as the youngest in my family should come out with something to defend this.. hahahaha

  20. Baru tahu rasya kakak sulung, sesuailah orang expect more kan ? but shaf ni anak ketiga but selalu feel orang expect more kat diri (and i admit its make me down sometime).

    Add point : org duk tunggu bila nak kawen dan bila kawen mesti meriah gila kan. Hihi just my viewla.

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