Mt. Fuji | A Must Visit If You Come To Japan

A trip to Mt Fuji, a must visit if you come to Japan.

Mt. Fuji A Must Visit If You Come To Japan

If you’re new to this blog, irasshaimase! (Read: Welcome!). I’m a Malaysian who is battling Japan deadly train rush hour every day to got to work hence you would see a lot of Japan contents until the time for me to leave Japan for good come. Today I’m going to write on my trip to Mt. Fuji, a must visit if you come to Japan so last week, my friend and I decided to go and see the magnificent Mt. Fuji in its glory. Both of us have never seen the famous landmark of Japan as she lives in Hokkaido and I just moved recently from Himeji.

We booked our car online from Nippon Rent-A-Car (100% recommend if you plan to travel around Japan using a car) English website here. We picked up the car at Kamata Station and off to Shizuoka Prefecture with high spirit of wanting to see the traditional Japan Pagoda building and cherry blossoms adorning the area only to find the cherry blossoms are nowhere to be seen and only bare trees welcoming us.

Mt. Fuji And Sakura

Photo by JJ Ying on Unsplash

The kind of photos I want to take on that day but couldn’t lol because no sakura.


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Major face palm moment because I didn’t check the sakura forecast beforehand. In Tokyo, the cherry blossoms have bloomed so I naively thought that all of the other places nearby have too.


Me looking for cherry blossoms


My heart hurts.


Anyway, the view is still beautiful even without cherry blossoms and I’m going to Mt. Fuji again during Golden Week to watch tulips so I’m good.

Enjoy the photos below!

Chureito Pagoda And Mt. Fuji

View from the top.

Beware of the number of stairs that you need to climb on. Not recommended to parents with babies and old people with major health problem.

Chureito Pagoda stairs

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More photos to bless your eyes.

Mt. Fji Close Up

A sight to behold.

Mt. Fuji Feat Blue Sky


Have you guys been to Mt. Fuji and if no, raise your hand if you would want to visit there at least once because same. 

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