20+ Things About Life You Realized As You Get Older

Growing up, you’ll undergo a lot of changes from your physical appearance, mindset and these are the 20+ Things about life you realized as you get older.
I too have changed and realized a number of things that I have never thought of. For example, my view of friends. When you’re a teenager, friends are your everything. They’re the one you spent the most in and out of school. Larger than the time we spent at home with our family. In Malaysia, your class in a year is determined by your grades so like or hate it, you’ll be stuck with all your classmates throughout the whole year and if your relationship with your classmates is bad,
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But now, I’m content on having few friends that I could count on and I can only think this way because I am, well, an adult now. My teenage self would not think so.
Anyway, here a list of what I’ve realized as I get older.

20+ Things About Life You Realized As You Get Older

20+ Things About Life You Realized As You Get Older
  • Nothing lasts forever. That includes your pain, your sorrow, and your money lol
  • Stranger turns friend. Friend turns stranger.


  • To have a few close friends is a blessing. Cherish them.
  • It’s extremely easy to gain weight but hard to lose.

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  • Watch out for the calories. Seriously.
  • There is so much thing that you don’t know.
  • Read, read and read.
  • Don’t live in your own bubble.
  • The world is much bigger out there. Expand your horizon.
  • Don’t just see what you want to see.
  • New habits are hard to maintain. One step at a time.
  • You suck, your loss.
  • Yes, it’s a cruel world out there.
  • There must be something that you’ll be good at.
  • Never underestimate yourself too much.
  • But don’t be overconfident either. Remember, balance is the key.
  • Not everything is going to be according to the plan. Relax.
  • Everyone else might look like they’re so sure of their life and you’re the one odd out feeling confused
  • p/s: They’re as confused and uncertain of the future as you are.
  • Never be a people pleaser. It’s not cool.
  • Earning money is hard.
  • Paying the bill is a hassle.
  • Please take few things personally. Not everyone is against you.
  • If they are, ignore them. They’re not worth your time.
  • And the most important thing; Remember why you’re alive.

20+ Things About Life You Realized As You Get Older

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  1. Firstly, I adore your blog layout and the whole package – so tranquil and clean!
    Secondly, I agree with all your 20 points, especially about friendship, health and reading. Still learning to be less panicky, count my blessings and trying to catch up with my expectations. I feel that the older I get, the faster time flies!

    1. Omg thank you! I’m going to publish a post on how to beautify your blog on Monday so do check them out too 😘

      Yep the older I get, the more I realize that time is truly precious and every second counts

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