11+ List of Why I Love Reading And Why You Should Too

As far as I know, I have always loved reading which is why I need to list all of the reasons why I love reading so I could convert at least one or two non-readers into the club with bunches of sweet and adorkable book lovers who:

  • loves reading till late night and ended up with panda eye the next day
  • buy books and more books and let it lying collecting dust on the bookshelves
  • spending time browsing books and add it to the never-ending pile of To-be-read (TBR) list
  • screaming, laughing and crying with the characters like we’re the characters themselves

why i love reading

Why I love reading

11+ list of why I love reading

1. It’s fun

I don’t know how to explain it, but the enjoyment of reading a good book can’t be described by words. A good book can make me cry a river, laugh till my tears come out and made me swoon when reading cute moments between the characters.

book as companion

2. You learn something new every day book

There are so many new things and knowledge to learn from reading. Do I even need to explain something so obvious?



3. Open a new world

Where else can you find experience being sucked into the mysterious world of magic boarding school (Harry Potter), beautiful vampires and werewolves in the tiny town of Seattle (Twilight), or ancient China palace harem where everyone is fighting for love, power and survival.


4. Improve your vocabulary

Do you want to be good in a language?

Then, reading is the ultimate cheat sheet in helping you in mastering one. To enrich your vocabulary, there is no other foolproof way than equipping yourself with rich vocabularies from reading.

5. Gaining new experience while lying in bed

If you know me personally, I’m the type who would rather be at home with my books and the Internet, waiting for my family/friends come back from eating outside with the take-out food.

books as lullaby

With reading, I could just lying lazily in bed and I’d be transported to inside the book without needing me to step outside of my house.

6. Enrich your imagination

Do you want to get aspired?


usui maid sama

Just a gif of Usui and Misaki passing by because I miss watching Kaichou Wa Maid Sama anime lol.

7. It smells good

Duh. One of the best smells in the world is the smell of newly printed books. Someone should just make a perfume out of it and I’m sure it would be a hit among the bookworms and non-readers alike.

books smell

8. Meeting new friends

I’ve been lucky to meet many book lovers through the book blogging community and Instagram. My real friends read too but the majority of them don’t read voraciously like we did and fangirling about it continuously on social media.

9. Fangirling


10. Make a good home decoration

I’m a believer of anything put in must my house must be functional which is why you wouldn’t find decorations like flowers or painting in my house lol but books are different. It can be read, look pretty and look pretty. Need to repeat for emphasis.

Below are some of my home library inspiration when I have my own house in the future. Please pray for my dream to come true!

11. Can be pass to the new generation

Imagine the books that you own now could be a use for someone even after you die. I don’t hope much but I hope the newer generation after us would continue to love reading.

Good books are meant to be enjoyed together

12. It’s free

Contrary to popular belief, reading is actually free if you get yourself a library card. That simple.

13. It doesn’t hurt your fingers

My fingers have been hurting lately due to constantly using the computer at work and cough never-ending scrolling from using the phone. And what else can be a great source of entertainment than reading books?

Why I love reading

14. A loyal companion


Books would never betray you!

To book lovers, do you agree with my list? And if you have anything to add, tell me in the comment box below *wink*

  1. It just fills my time. When u r lonely, u know what to do. I gotta say I became more mature alhamdulillah. Let me borrow ur collection of books then! Hahaha #booksquad

  2. I love reading as well..I generally read fiction and it amazes me how I picturize the scenes and the complete story while reading and I can feel the emotions written.
    Share few book titles in fiction if you know.

    1. I could definitely relate to that! I recently have been reading Flying High by Tony Fernandes. Not a fiction but autobiography lol

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