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It has shown me that everything is illuminated in the light of the past.
It is always along the side of us…on the inside, looking out.
Jonathan Safran Foer

Last Wednesday, I went out on a date with my beloved 5 years old bicycle sightseeing around Himeji Castle area and because it’s autumn, I brought out my baby camera too to take pictures and test my non-existent photography skills.

It’s cold but the scenery is so beautiful and screams aesthetic! and Tumblr vibe with all the colourful red and yellow leaves. If you’ve read my post on Himeji in spring, autumn definitely didn’t lose out to spring in being a beautiful season.


Autumn colours remind us we are all one dancing in the wind.
Lorin Morgan-Richards


Come, little leaves,” said the Wind one day, “Come to the meadows with me and play. Put on your dresses of red and gold; For Summer is past, and the days grow cold.
 George Cooper


I’m too lazy to edit the pictures in Lightroom but I guess these pictures don’t need editing.


The one with my bicycle in it is one of my best shots so far. #ilovethecolourscheme #itfitsautumn-ishvibethebest

I think it’s pretty obvious from my pictures that I’m a total newbie in photography. 😂 The illumination is 1000x better in real life. Don’t let my not so pretty pictures cloud your judgement.



  1. 1. Your photos are pretty! I love them all, I wish I can go there someday.
    2. I really want to experience autumn, since the leaves and the surrounding look really beautiful during autumn. Someday, maybe 🙂

  2. Non-existent skills in photography, wait, what?! I feel like you’re pretty talented, your pictures are absolutely stunning. I am loving all of these autumn colors here! and yes, that bicycle picture is one of the best here 🙂
    thank you for sharing, loved this! xx

  3. Subhanallah! Comel comel nya view autumn sana, rasya- you’re really a pro photographer. 😀 suka tengok semua gambar-gambar awak <3
    *and yes tak perlu edit pon dah tersangat lawa dah rasya. 🙂

  4. Ahhhh I love your posts about Japan they make me miss Japan so much 😊 Your photos are lovely and really capture the feel of the place — especially the one of the street and the cars and the old woman standing off to the side on the right curb. It just feels so *Japan*, I can’t really describe it, but that’s definitely my favorite photo because of that reason 💕 It sounds like you had fun on your photography trip! It’s honestly so relaxing being able to ride around on a bike by yourself and just stopping and taking pictures whenever you feel like. That sounds like a perfect way to spend an autumn day to me. 🙃 Lovely post! 😋

    1. Thank you Zoei! 😘 I usually spend my days at home because I’m too lazy to go out lol but the weather was just too nice to stay in the room.

  5. What a treat for my eyes! I really love all the pictures and yes my favoruite picture in this post is your bicycle one 🙂

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