2018 Adachi Fireworks Festival | Beautiful fireworks and ugh people

It’s summer in Japan and everywhere is so hot and humid that some people especially the old ones ended up dying because of the heatwave. As someone who was born and raised in Malaysia throughout my life, I’d say that Japan is hotter. Yeah, Malaysia is hot but you don’t see people dying because of the heatwave, right? Not sure why people want to make it like some kind of competition.

2018 Adachi Fireworks Festival

Anymore my country is hotter/colder shit debate I’m out.

Anyway, when you talk about summer, you simply cannot miss out watching Hanabi aka fireworks.

2018 Adachi Fireworks FestivalBurn money burn

I went to the Sumidagawa 2018 Adachi Hanabi Taikai the last 2 weeks (after checking it with my friends turned out the one I went to is the Adachi one) #lameRasyalame and was surprised by the crowds. Kay, it’s weekend and fireworks festival has always been a thing in Japan but I definitely has underestimated how big the crowds would be.

2018 Adachi Fireworks Festival

My friends and I actually went there 3 hours before the fireworks show started but all the good spots were taken so we settled in a place right beside the bridge.

It’s cute seeing couples and beautiful ladies wearing yukata. I had a great fun playing ‘which yukata is the prettiest’ game. No one wins by the way because everyone looks gorgeous in their own style.

Didn’t manage to take beautiful photos #excuses because 1) the view from our spot is pretty bad 2) too lazy to adjust the camera setting and my position an 3) I’m just slightly better than noobies level when it comes to photography so what do you guys expect lol.

2018 Adachi Fireworks Festival

Tips to enjoy the fireworks festival:

  • Keep yourself hydrated.
  • Toilets are overcrowded so better to settle your business before walking to the park. I learned this the hard way. LOL.
  • Do yourself a favour by bringing a fan and handkerchief to keep yourself cool. The weather is no joke and a large number of people is not helping.

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  1. Setiap kali tengok gambar first tu setiap kali tu tenung lama2 sbb unik dia punya view, love your photograph style!

  2. Girl, what do you mean? Your photos ALWAYS look good.

    And dang, I’ve never experience such a heatwave before. The heat wave in Ireland wasn’t that bad but the grass was starting to look like grass or a while.

    1. 😳 Thank you, Grace!

      The weather here sucks but at least the winter is not that bad. I heard Ireland weather could reach minus 10 degrees in winter. Is that true?

  3. Oh my goodness your pictures are absolutely gorgeous! I love seeing people wear yukata as well, but it must have been super sweaty and hot for them! Were the crowds worth it for the firework experience, though? 😊 It sounds like you had fun!

    1. Hahha. Yukata is actually pretty flowy as the materials are made from breathable one compared to kimono which is heavier. The scenery is pretty but you bet I wouldn’t go there for the second time lol.

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