I’m Telling Myself To Stop Wasting Time And Just Start Writing

I’m a perfectionist and the trait is a double edge sword. Being a perfectionist means that unless the quality of my writing is not on par with my standard I wouldn’t publish it but my ‘I need everything to be perfect from pin photos, gifs and the contents‘ hinder me from writing anything. And that is not good which is why I’m telling myself to stop wasting time and just start writing. 

I'm Telling Myself To Stop Wasting Time And Just Start Writing

Writing every day has always been a challenge for me.

Unlike thinking about

  • the writing process itself #facepalm or
  • browsing Pinterest for writing prompts, tips on novel/publishing, crushing NaNoWriMo and finding inspiration for blog posts idea etc.

simply continuing my unfinished written projects is simply not simple.

I’ll sit in front of my laptop staring soullessly in front of the screen magically waiting for my brain to translate my thoughts into perfect sentences and stories and that obviously did not happen.

1-second turn to minutes and minutes turn to hours and by the end of the month, I realised that I haven’t written anything for months.

And that is a disaster.

When I went on an indefinite blogging break, I would still continue writing or editing one of my writing projects like the one that I started from joining NaNoWriMo project the last 2 years but recently I’m in an endless writing block period that I couldn’t snap myself out from it. As I wondering why, I realise that I’ve forgotten something very crucial, very important tips in anything when you want to start something not limited to just writing.

Perfect does not exist.


Perfect does not exist.

Perfection would never come until you first started doing.

Yes, doing. As in writing itself.

How many times that I’ve waste thinking that yeah I’m going to write that book, I’m going to write a post for my blog or I’m going to finish one of my writing projects, not now but tomorrow.

And that tomorrow never comes.


11 years old me won’t care shit about plot holes, inconsistent characterization, show, don’t tell method or any other writing rules that are deeply ingrained from reading thousands of articles/blog posts online.

11 years old me would just grab a leftover practice books and started writing and care no less about whether what I wrote would be great or not because 11 years old me understand that you won’t be great in writing just by scrolling into Twitter and browsing Pinterest for writing prompts deluding herself that what she did is a process of writing itself when it’s not and those precious hours could be spent to start writing anything instead. #Did I Just Diss Myself LOL

I want that 11 years old back.

Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on. 

Editing, writing rules are important obviously but if I do not write anything and continue wasting my time, nothing will happen.


My skill will not be getting better and the book that I always wanted to write will not exist. So now whether my writing will be good or not I will just have to do it.

I will write.

Of course, my writing is no Shakespeare or any Nobel Prize level worthy but I’m doing something.

stop wasting time and just start writing quote

I’m writing all of my writing projects now using Google Docs as Pages are too heavy and Ulysses went the subscribing route and Wow! I didn’t know that Google doc has this voice speaking feature that would automatically write everything that I talk about. The technology is still far from perfect, it’s slow and some of the words are omitted but it’s a start.

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