A Short Message For SPM Candidates – From Your Cute Senpai

This dedication post is written to convey my short message for SPM candidates, who are experiencing sleepless nights waiting for their SPM results.

First and foremost, good luck for SPM 2021 candidates! or whichever year your cohort is.

As a senpai ehem, I felt like there is a need to send short message for SPM candidates and behold, my advice to you.

A Short Message For SPM Candidates
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A Short Message For SPM Candidates

– From Your Cute Senpai

One of the advices that I can give is while it’s true that SPM results set the path towards your future, it doesn’t mean that you’ll have no future if you don’t get straight As. There are so many paths after SPM; matriculation, form 6, diploma, foundation, poli etc.

But I have a dream! I want to pursue my study overseas!

Okay, so when I was living my life in Japan, I saw so many of my seniors/juniors came to Japan to do their master/phd and some through exchange student program.

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So if there is a will there’s a way. You just need to keep moving forward. Or as what people nowadays would say, keep hustling.

I understand why it’s easy to feel hopeless when the thought of getting a bad result come.

When I was your age, I thought that SPM is my everything.

Not getting good results = hopeless future.

But as I grew older (心の中では永遠の18歳だけど In my heart I’m forever 18 tho), rather than seeing SPM as the end goal, it is one of the tools you have, that will help you to navigate your future.

If you did well, congratulations!

You now have the opportunities to apply for scholarships (in/outside Malaysia) and choose to apply for various high competitive programs. For example, JPA, Bank Negara, Khazanah scholarship or foundation programmes like PASUM, Asasi Dengkil, Asasi Pintar etc.

If your results didn’t meet you and your parents expectation, congratulations too!

This is not the end and let’s use this spm as your motivation to do better. Let’s be real. You might not have the chances to apply to prestigious scholarships overseas etc as your peers who scored straight A’s but there are so many options out there like polytechnic college, diploma, matriculation, and even form 6.

So akiramenaide! Don’t give up.

You’re still young. On average people live more than 60, so you have many many years ahead.

p/s: my father got an offer to do his job training in South Korea for around 6 months despite his bad SPM results 😂 That’s why I said, future you never know. It’s full of endless possibilities.

  1. Spm bukanlah segala-galanya, tapi ia penting untuk menentukan kemana kita akan pergi selepas tamat sekolah. Tapi tengok result spm baru ni, boleh tahan powerr. Tahniah utk semua calon spm 2021!

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