New MacBook Air With M1 Chip Feat Unboxing Video

Hi guys! こんにちは!大家好!Join me with my post on the new MacBook Air with M1 chip feat unboxing video to those who don’t want to read my long essay.

New MacBook Air M1 Chip Feat Unboxing Video

New MacBook Air With M1 Chip Feat Unboxing Video

To celebrate the new year, I decided to give myself a present and the newly released MacBook Air with the Apple silicon chip looks awesome. All the reviews praised how fast the new M1 chip is so I was tempted to replace my old MacBook Air that I bought in 2013. My old MacBook still works fine but it is getting slower and the fan makes a LOUD noise whenever I use Excel.

Initially, I plan to wait for the iMac or 16 inches MacBook Pro with the new chip but the rumours said that Apple would release it at the end of the year which means it would be likely released in Malaysia in January 2022 like this first-generation M1 chip MacBook. 

I don’t want to waste my time anymore, waiting for the better, faster Mac so I bought the MacBook Air from Apple Education online store last month. The price is cheaper and you don’t need to provide any proof. I bought my iPhone from the online store last year and the delivery service is reliable. They used DHL courier and the delivery man would ask for your Identity Card (IC) or passport to verify your purchase. So, for those who are worried about whether your purchase would be safe from damages, you don’t have to. They don’t use J&T LOL.

It took around 1-2 weeks for my MacBook to arrive. The ETA (Estimated Time Arrival) that they gave me is 3/3/2021-10/3/2021 but mine arrived exactly on 3/3/2021. 

Macbook Air M1 Chip Unboxing


  • Macbook Air M1 
  • Space Gray 
  • 8GB memory and 512 SSD
  • US keyboard layout

I’m just a casual user who spends most of my time Youtube-ing, watching Netflix, browsing the Internet and attends Zoom meeting so I don’t need 16GB of memory. For SSD, I already owned 2 external SSD so 512 GB is good enough. I think most people would probably be happy with the base model. If you’re a student, the base model would be perfect.


Okay, so at a first glance, the new MacBook Air looks smaller than my old MacBook Air. It also lighter and I noticed that the speaker position is also different. Watching Netflix feels amazing with the retina screen. 

Macbook Air M1 Desktop
The new MacBook Air M1
My old MacBook Air 2013. I bought this in Japan, hence, the Japan keyboard layout.

Anyway, I’m going to use it for a few months and see if there are any problem with the new M1 chip. I’ve seen a few threads on Reddit mentioning how the new chip consumed a large amount of SSD so we’ll see how it goes.

Unboxing Video

See you next time! 

New Macbook Air With M1 Chipv

p/s: Any new purchase that makes you excited this month? New books perhaps? I haven’t bought any books YET because I want to finish reading my never-ending to be read (TBR) list.

  1. btw, nak tanya kalau beli price berbeza student dengan yang biasa. isi kandungan ada yang berbeza tak? ke sama je both? sbb saya ada beli ipad with not student price la. mula2 nak beli yang student price takut mcm kita nak download apa2 kena sekat or something apps yang tak ada bila guna student price. btw saya beli ipad, goshh lama betul tunggu. haha

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