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Things To Do When Earthquake Happens

In case you guys didn’t know, a 5 magnitude earthquake has struck at Osaka this morning and from the current news, 3 has died and 50 people or more are injured. All train lines including bullet trains are put into a stop and flights are being cancelled here and there so you can see how bad the earthquake effects are. Not to mention that just yesterday, an earthquake occurred in Gunma, just a couple of hours by train from Tokyo.


People are expecting the worse because we fear that the real one would be coming soon as history had shown from Kumamoto Earthquake and Tohoku earthquake that the big one happened in 2 to 3 days after everyone thought everything is safe.

For the Japanese, who basically live their days knowing or already experiencing small earthquakes that frequently happened especially in the Kanto region, they know exactly what needs to do.

Not so much for the tourists who come here and never had any emergency training involving natural disaster like earthquakes. So here is what you should do to keep you and your loved ones safe if an earthquake happened near you.

  • Stay away from anything made of glasses and tall shelves.
  • Keep your important documents in one place like passport, insurance card and ID. I put all my documents in one small bag with strap and put it in a place that is easily reachable.
  • Stock up your food rations. Go to the nearest supermarkets or convenience stores and buy essential things like mineral water, wet tissues and canned foods. You’ll be surprised to see all the shelves bare because everyone is stocking up their stocks as no one know what’s going to happen. Better be safe than sorry.
  • Contact your country’s embassy. E-mail would be just fine.
  • Always check the news. There are Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with the new info. Useful hashtags would be #earthquake #jishin #地震
  • Check your exit point and use stairs instead of elevators.
  • Turn off the gas. Usually, the newer apartments and buildings are using IH kitchen instead of the usual gas one but if your Airbnb or hotel (some hotel has built kitchen) NEVER forget to turn off the gas.



Source: Its Your Japan

Stay safe everyone!

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  1. The earthquake happened just after I got back from my trip to Osaka, but nevertheless, this was a really thoughtful and kind post for you to write. I hope you stay safe in Japan as well, Rasya! Thank you for this post!

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