7 Free 2022 Digital Planner For A Productive New Year

Welcome to a recommendation list of 7 free 2022 digital planner for a productive new year by my 7 favourite Youtubers.

7 Free 2022 Digital Planner  For A Productive New Year

Hello everyone! Happy New Year!

New year for me, is a mark for a fresh start. A new journey. New goals and to-do list to achieve. So what do you need to crush your newly made goals?

A planner.

Or better, a digital planner.

I’ve been adapting to the paperless lifestyle and so far I love it! I’ve spent less money on buying unnecessary new stationeries and notebooks and found a new love towards digital planners

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If you’re new to the whole paperless thing and have no idea on what apps to use, feel free to look at this article where I talk about my 9 free and paid note-taking apps recommendation.

Please note that you don’t need an iPad to start a digital planner journey. A tablet, phone and even laptop can be used because there are so many apps nowadays for everyone.

Anyway, it’s January 2022, and I found 7 free and also cute digital planners to be more productive. For me, I need a planner because,

““If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”

— Benjamin Franklin

7 Free 2022 Digital Planner For A Productive New Year

  1. Muji inspired 2022 digital planner by earthtopauline

Muji is famous for its simple aesthetic notebook and if you want to feel like writing on real notebook, I absolutely recommend this planner by earthtopauline. The planner is also clickable which means no more struggle to scroll to the page you wanted to access.

muji inspired planner

For book lovers, this planner has a fantastic page for blog review! Crush your TBR this year with this simple Muji planner.

book review

2. Simple, dated 2022 digital planner by moinpeach

My favourite planner so far! I especially love the planner cover because the combination of pastel pink and blue is totally me.

Cute pink digital planner

There are meals plan, notebook papers, to do list and many more for you to use.

digital planner monthly view

3. Minimalist 2022 digital planner by hanri

A minimalist will love this planner. For me, I think it’s too simple.

4. Cute 2022 digital planner by HappyDownloads

Very cute and colourful planner for those who want to add some fun in their planner. I like that the layout mimics real planner with the ring binder. Feels like having a real planner in your hand but in digital form.

5. Minimalist 2022 digital planner for students by kimi log

Because I’m a master student who is struggling to finish literature review write-up, I’m in a dire need of a plan to organize all of my studies related tasks.

digital planner for student

A must download planner for students!

6. Simple aesthetic 2022 digital planner by 흑임자Heugimja

Of course, my favourite Youtubers’ planner will make it into the list. 흑임자Heugimja‘s planner never disappoint and you can choose the cover of your planners from many colours offered. My favourite colour is of course, blue!

7. Or create your own 2022 digital planner with this guide

If you feel that none of the planners suit your taste, how about trying making your own digital planner.

The steps are actually quite simple to follow and you will have more power in choosing the colour, layout and design etc. I tried creating one using Keynote and the result turned out well. Then, I get bored and back to finding new planners to use.

Anyway, happy choosing and if you have any recommendation please share it with me in the comment below. *wink*

7 Free 2022 Digital Planner For A Productive New Year
  1. I am still trying to go paperless. It’s not easy and I still bring my planner with we everywhere I go haha

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