Appreciation Post | Ibuki Satsuki Chinese Illustrator

Appreciation Post | Ibuki Satsuki

I’m supposed to publish another post today but I just spent my time drooling reading Ibuki Satsuki’s artwork and it’ll be a shame to not spread her beautifully drawn artworks.

Her pen name is in Japanese,  but she’s actually a Chinese illustrator who has drawn probably half of the Chinese animation arts that are shared on Pinterest.

Look at the details.

I wish I could draw as good as this.

Colour usage on point.


I probably look like this drolling over her artworks for hours on Pinterest. Pinterest is addictive. Beware of unconsciously browsing for hours on their site that could affect your productivity.

These 3 artworks below do not belong to Ibuki but the artwork is so pretty that I couldn’t translate it into words. They were from Chinese manhua and looking at all these beautiful manhuas that I couldn’t read because they’re in Chinese makes me want to learn the language so bad.

Why did I learn Japanese again? I should learn Chinese.

Related image

Japanese language is not bad and I’m really grateful that I’ve got the chance to learn it formally in Japan but I’m simply not interested in any Japanese literature and drama lol. It has been years since I last watch anime too.

Princess Agents Manhua

This one is actually based on Princess Agent’s novel who then was live adapted into drama.

So many Chinese novels are being adapted into live-action drama and I’m not sure whether I’m happy or worried because some producers really have a knack of making the drama stray away from the original plotline and then give a crappy ending different from the one in the novel.

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  1. These illustrations are truly gorgeous, I need to check this artist out. And aaaah you should definitely learn Chinese, especially if you’re interested in reading Chinese books or watching Chinese dramas. If you need any help with Chinese, feel free to ask me — I would love to help! 😊

    1. OMG Are you serious??? I’d love to get a recommendation on Chinese books and pronunciation. We could do a language exchange. I7d teach you Japanese/Malay and you could teach me Chinese.

  2. I also heard how chinese live actions are completely different from their original plot. Recently i heard about meteor garden being that way, but i just decided not to watch it lol
    Anyway, this art is soo so pretty and dreamy so thanks for sharing it hehe

    1. Hahaha. If you want to watch Meteor Garden, watch the old version one from Taiwan. The cast is pretty solid I heard.

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