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As a self-proclaimed bookworm, I’m back with another blog tag post on book lover blog tag where I answer on one of the things that I love the most – BOOKS.

book lover blog tag

The Rules:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog. No one tags me but I found this Book Lover blog tag from Sophril at Sophril Reads.
  • Include the Book Lover Blog Tag graphic and rules in your post.
  • Answer the questions.
  • Nominate at least 5 new bloggers to do the tag.

Book Lover Blog Tag

What is your favourite thing about reading?

I have always loved reading. Reading gives me joy, knowledge and has been a loyal companion through my process of growing up. I grew up with books and I cannot live without reading.

I’m now more into eBook and audiobook compared to the physical ones but the joy the books give me still the same nonetheless.

Which male character is your favourite?

This is a tough question. From my recent reads, it would Xie Jing Xing from the Chinese web novel, The Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage. 

Which female character is your favourite?

bai ping ting

Most of my recent fictions books are from Chinese novels so Bai Ping Ting from Gu Fang Bu Zhi Sheng/General and I drama adaptation is my favourite. Love her intelligence and wits.

Who is your favourite villain of all time?

Queen Pei from The Princess Weiyang.

Who is your least favourite character of all time?

black mage books series kindle

Riyah from The Black Mage series.

I had high expectation on the book initially from reading the free novella and the 5 stars review on Goodreads but the MC, Riyah is not to my liking. It’s not like she’s unlikable, she just there. And the storyline is a bit meh.

Why is it so important for Riyah to be The Black Mage?

Who is The Black Mage?

Why is the role important?

So many questions left unanswered and I have read to the 3rd book and I still have no idea or any subtle clues on what the answers are.

Which book do you think has the strongest plot?

So many books to choose!

What gets on your nerves the most in a story (a boring character, an unrealistic plot, etc.)?

A weak plot no doubt.

Which book has the best cover (share a picture!)?

Lots of beautiful books cover to the point that I made a dedicated blog post about book covers that I love but here are some of my favourites.

Do you let people borrow your books? If so, are you specific about how they treat them?

I’m usually would love to share my books but only to specific people that I can trust as I’m afraid that the books wouldn’t be returned to me.

book lover blog tag

Talking about lending books, I’ve lent my 2 of my favourite books to my friend but she lent it to another friend without my permission and now I have no idea where the books at. This is why I have trust issues to who I lend my book to. The worst thing is the books I lent are not in stock anymore as the publication has gone bankrupt in 2018.

If a movie could be made based on any book, which book would you choose?

So many books to choose from. I can’t.

Which author has inspired you most?

  • Hilal Asyraf for introducing me the joy of volleyball and teamwork through VT.
  • Pingu Toha for inspiring me to write in Malay
  • Hlovate for having a great storyline. I love her writing style and from Contengan Jalanan (one of my favourite books all-time) has influenced me to become a better person. Who can forget

The man that decided to change on the 12th hours died at the 11th.

Anime Chat Thread - Page 2732

Right in the kokoro.

Book Lover Blog Tag

So that’s all and if anyone is interested to answer this book lover blog tag, *I’m looking at you my book lovers’ friends*, please do so and link to me in the comment below. I would love to read your answers! *wink*

  1. God, I remember reading The Black Mage series (well, the first novel, I might pick up the second and the rest) and thinking similar things about Riyah. The first book was just about training, training and training? I think? I don’t know anymore… but I’m disappointed the second book might be just as disappointing considering the highly rated reviews on Goodreads. (Is… this why I haven’t picked up book two.)

    OMG nooooo that’s awful about the books. 🙁 I don’t blame you at all for not sharing books unless you trust them to bring it back safe and sound and with permission. Please send the friend a sharp pineapple as my regards.

    1. Pretty disappointed with the plot. I don’t know why Riyah is so insistent to become the Black Mage. I wish the author could fix the plot better as the story do has potential.

      Hahaha. I never lend my friend books after that lol.

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