Celebrating My Little Achievements In 2020

Hi guys! I’ve been absent from blogging because I’m 1) lazy and 2) stressed due to driving in traffic jam back and forth from my workplace which led to 3) energy drained. When I get home I just want to sleep. Anyway, February has ended and I think it’s a good idea to celebrate my little achievements in January and February this year.

Celebrating My Little Achievements In 2020 

  • I’m getting better at driving

Driving in traffic jam trained me how to control my engine and brake pedal better. And last 2 weeks I challenged myself to drive to KLIA alone and I managed to arrive safely.

img 9446


  • Lose 2-3kgs

Maybe because Malaysia is hot and the rice here is less starchy compared to Japan but somehow I managed to lose 2-3 kg after I get back from Japan. Yay!

  • Room decoration process is going well

My new carpet and candle brought from Shopee arrived this week and I’m so excited because my dream room is going to become a reality soon! I finished decorating my reading nook and little office to put my monitor for blogging and watching Netflix/YouTube.My cute reading nook feat BTS BT21 toys

My reading nook is not the aesthetic that you’d see from Pinterest but it screams me and fit my budget lol <- SUPER IMPORTANT. Decorating room costs money. Something that I just realised when I’m looking for office table at IKEA.

  • Read over 50+ books

As a disclaimer, most of the books I read are web novels which are usually shorter than the usual novel. If any if you is interested to try a web novel you can look at my Chinese novels recommendation post here featuring badass female MC.

p/s: My favourites’ MC are Bai Ping Ting and Shen Miao *wink*

  • Managed to restrained myself from buying books except for 8 books from Hilal Asyraf

5 are from Hero series and another 3 is a rewritten Takdir trilogy book set. The book set hasn’t arrived yet but from I the updates I’ve read – it looks awesome.

  • 4 minutes average time spending on Instagram #tehee

img 9447

So do you have any little achievements to celebrate? If yes, share with me on the comments section below *wink*

  1. Wow, that’s a lot of books!


    i don’t know how to follow this blog, mind to drop by at my blog.

    I love books too! but now more to comics 😀

  2. Even me screaming looking ur books corner! That’s look so satisfying. I luvvvvv knowing that u only spent 4 minutes overall on instagram. It’s an achievement for sure tehehe.

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