Life Update + New Job + New Reading Nook

Hi everyone! I’m back again with my life update *yeah, nobody cares but I’m still going to write about it anyway* and my newly decorated reading nook!

Life Update

It has been 2 weeks since I’ve last updated on why autumn is my favourite season and I miss reading everyone’s blogs and interacting with other bloggers in the comment section. But work has been tough and commuting to work every day is taking a toll on me because of the traffic jam.

New Job

As for the new job, I’m handling Japan customers based in Japan so I’m glad that my Japanese skill is not wasted as I’m practically using it every day. Plus, the pay which is the most important thing is not bad but since it is a customer service job, my patience level is getting lower. Mad respect to those who work in customer service. I just worked for a few months and I don’t think I could last long.

I can finally drive!

cute cheering

One of the good things that come with my new job is I can finally drive! *big applause for myself*

Driving has always been scary for me as I’m so used with the convenient subway and bus line in Japan but with this new job I’m forced to drive as the MRT train line is still being constructed and wouldn’t be completed until the next 1-2 years. I’ve been driving alone for 1 week now and to be honest, driving is still scary as hell but I’m getting better Alhamdulillah.

Psst, if you’ve any driving tips for newbies please share on the comment below *wink*

Food Hunt

Finally, I could taste the hotly talked about 4 Fingers restaurant. I went to their branch in IOI and their chicken tastes really good! *Food review post in planned* Also, managed to satisfy my sushi craving thanks to Nippon Sushi branch in Bangi.

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New Reading Nook

My cute reading nook feat BTS BT21 toysMoving on, all my books shipped from Japan arrived last month so, with the help of my annoying sister, my reading corner/spot is now completed! The white rug is bought cheaply from Aliexpress – my always to go online shopping site for cheap and cute stationery stuff.

As for the toys, they are BTS BT21 characters that I bought when I visited Line Store in Harajuku. Only 2 of them are mine tho.

Btw, my new reading corner is perfect as #bookstagram photos background.

So, I’m done. Please wait till I get my shit together for next posts *I’ve drafts all lined up need to be written* and I hope all of you have a great day ahead!

  1. Thats a great start i guess? Hehe. I bet you have many plans more ahead while being here. Please update your life updates often, because I love to read it šŸ˜€

  2. I loved reading about your life update!! Particularly seeing the reading nook– it looks incredible!! So many books and it is so cute!!
    Well done on driving, speaking for myself I am scared of driving too. It seems so daunting but I need to get on and learn!! I don’t have any tips but I know my sister took a while to get comfortable in her car but now she loves driving so I think practise helps and getting some CDs that you love in the car because she loves to sing, haha!!

    1. Thank you Sophie! I’m thinking to put my driving playlist and play it during traffic jam. Thank you for the tips x

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