January In Retrospect

I blink January’s lashes and gush down December’s cheeks” 
― Sanober KhanTurquoise Silence

january retrospect


I have been thinking a lot about my future prospect like continuing to master degree or just packing my bag home and finding a job in Malaysia, but I strongly want to stay, here, in Japan. The desire for me to try my luck and experiencing Japan working system is huge. To be honest, when I made this post, I sort of made up my mind already. I’ve been doing job hunting like going to seminars, interning, and a 交流会、exchanging information with other foreign students from different universities and asking advice from the students who’re working here. I’ve applied to a job that is related to hotel and tourism industry and Alhamdulillah I managed to pass the first interview thus leads to another internship.


The 3-days internship is mandatory to those who want to get a job (it may vary depends on the company). Mine is only 3 days that I just completed last Wednesday. It was different compared to the first time I did my intern. This time, it is a company so the number of employees is way bigger, the office is located in the heart of Osaka, tall storey building, very corporate-ish. Is that even a word?. But the best thing about both of my intern experience was the fact that they are fine with me wearing casual attire.


After finishing my psychology paper, my housemate and I decided to take a break in Kyoto. We had a fun time playing tourist at Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, Kimono Forest and eating lots of ramen.


I guide a family of six and brought them to Kyoto Toei Studio Park another name; Kyoto Eigamura. If by chance, anyone reading this blog needs a service of tour guide around Kansai area (Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Nara) with affordable price, do e-mail me. LOL. I’ll guide you to the right path. Read: Sitratul Mustaqim.

Ninja Kyoto Toei Studio ParkSPRING BREAK

Spring break has started and I’m finally home. Yay

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  1. A great experience ait to stay away from our homeland, to see and learn about other’s culture and life…Good luck there! Hopefully you’ll find a job ASAP… first round interview and many more!!! 😀

  2. Good luck Rasya! Dari dulu berangan nak study oversea, sekali dapat study over the sea (Sarawak) meraung nak balik. Hahaha.


    Wish for the best for your job hunting 😀

    1. It does exist. On a tourist spot like this one since you know people come to Japan to see Ninja and Ultraman

      Arigatou xD

  4. Wow, congrats on passing the interviews and good luck for your internship! I feel you, the fact that it’s okay to wear casual attire to the office is one of the reason why I’m happy being in the art stream hahah.

    So you’re currently in Malaysia? Hope you’ll enjoy your holiday 🙂

  5. good share. i really want to visit Japan one day. just out of curiosity, why did the interviews took 3 days?

    1. There are actually 3 stages of the interview. I have passed the first stage and thus it leads to 3 days intern at the company. After reviewing my performance then there’ll be the last interview with the CEO of the company and he’ll decide whether I get in or not. Usually, in Japan, the job hunting is done like this. Send and entry sheet (it’s like a resume), got called for interview and etc.

  6. Im already imaging your blog updates on your new work (I hope you will get it). Reading this somehow made me want to visit Japan even more. Pray for me and I might even use your service. Lol. Is that ninja for real though?

  7. wow, you had finish your study already? gambatte ne for your work!
    memang study bahasa jepun? boleh balik malaysia ajar kelas jepun. haha. saya masih terkial-kial nak belajar bahasa jepun ni. lagi2 kanji. nak menangis sebab tak faham. belajar guna youtube punya pasal. hahaha

    1. Not yet. Another year to go but in Japan, we start job hunting during the last sem of 3rd year.

      susah kan kanji. I used to write a hundred kanji a day to get the hang of it. ganbatte!

  8. salam kak, tak tahu kenapa tapi saya sukkkaaaaaa sangat pasal negara jepun ni. teringin nak duduk sana dan nak sangat melawat semua tempat2 yg indah di jepun. uhuhu. saya baru tengok gyoza secara real, sebelum ni tengok gyoza dalam komik hitam putih detective conan je. haha. oh, satu lg, goodluck akak utk job.

  9. Seronoknya dapat duduk di tempat orang, hihihi. Selamat maju jaya rasya.

    Eh jap, baru pindah ke dah lama pindah ke wp? Kenapa tak perasan, eh ke Mai nyanyuk ni.. Nice la template ni…

  10. if only i went to japan by this year, surely i will ask u to be my tour guide. haha!
    good luck finding a job, may Allah ease 😉

  11. Good luck for your new job! seronoknya dapat experience kerja dekat tempat orang. enjoy your break 🙂

  12. wahhhh are u getting a job? all the best ya 😀
    i wish i could visit kyoto too, sebab banyak ancient buildings and nature 🙂
    i would love to have u as my guide, heheheh

    btw, video tu memang unavailable ke?

  13. Goodluck with your new job and if I am at your shoes, I would definitely continue my study.. Those food, Ya Allah temptingnyaaaaaa~~

  14. I’m thinking of continuing my studies abroad (if I ever had the chance) and just work there instead of Malaysia. Mainly because most companies in Malaysia nowadays wanted someone who is fluent in Mandarin so I thought if I work abroad, I could save all the hassle of learning Mandarin lol

  15. I would love to visit japan with u as my tour guide rasya. Tp kumpul duit dlu. So its mean you got this new job la kan? Waah. congrats. 😀

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