How Important Is Blog Page Views For You?

I’m back again with a popular blog discussion topic – blog traffics/stats/page views. So my question is, how important is blog page views for you?

How Important Is Blog Page Views For You

As a blogger, the first thing that I’m going to check when I open my blogging account is my website page views. Not like I have a choice to ignore it because the page stats analytics is the default WordPress homepage.

But even so, tracking my blog stats is a habit that I’ve developed from years of blogging.

A wonderful addiction.

I’m a personal blogger who the majority of my contents are not something that people would call SEO friendly so why am I so hung up with having high page views?

I would say that its a human nature to strive for the best and even if it’s a hobby, I’d like to make it a successful hobby.

Naturally, my blog stats are far from being successful which is a no brainer as I practically post once in a blue moon and would go MIA for months to come back with a post and then went MIA again. My stats also plummeted a lot after went self-hosting but I don’t regret my decision at all because self-hosting is amazing and there are so many themes that I could try.

blog page viewsAnyway, back to stats, my blog views have been increasing this year due to me finally decided to have a consistent posting schedule which is initially on Monday then Tuesday. I don’t have a fixed time yet but having a set day is already a milestone achievement for me.

So, is blog page views important to me?

Essentially it is.

I’m the type who gets motivated with a result that I could see, and in this case – numbers. Obviously, I try to not get too fixated on blog traffic much but it’s hard not too.

How about you guys? Is having a ‘good’ blog page views important to you? Tell me your opinion in the comments below 🙂

  1. Dulu sy tak kisah sgat pasal pageviews.. kisah juga but not like this year since I am really serious to blog because I just love it and want income memandangkan ini saja kerja yg sy boleh buat… If my pageviews is higher I will be happy and if not it doesn’t mean I have to stop writing.. I can learn to improve my writing, read how to create a better content next time or maybe read other blogs about SEO .. Its really important for me.. Other than pageviews I like engagement as well .. Even if it just 1 comment I will be happy..

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