I’m Quitting My Job In Japan. Why?

I’m quitting my job in Japan.

quitting my job in Japan


I’ve finally done it.

To be honest, I also didn’t expect that I would be quitting my full job in Japan in less than my initial plan of working for 3 years experiencing Japan job culture. But I decided to pull the trigger earlier after receiving the confirmation of not a really pleasant thing to write about.

Am I worried?

Of course.

I’m not just quitting my job, I’m also leaving my comfortable life in Japan where I can enjoy the difference in yen and Malaysia ringgit, 4 seasons scenery (I even make a plan to go to Kawaguchi Lake in autumn and Shirakawago in winter) and also the convenience of Tokyo train system.

To be honest, working in Japan has been an amazing opportunity, I experienced how different it is to live in Japan as a student and living in Japan as a normal seishain worker.

Living as a student in Japan and as a full time worker in Japan is so different.

Pension, taxes and did I mention about taxes?

My Japanese language improves according to my boss and coworkers lol not sure whether it’s just lip service but my speaking level is progressing to better as I’m surrounded by Japanese, speak only Japanese at work, read Japanese documents.

Basically, I breathe Japanese.

So leaving Japan is something that I worry about as I’m afraid that my Japanese level would drop because the Japanese speaking environment is no longer present.

Still, I resolute myself to quit and hand the resignation letter. If you’ve read my profile, you’ll know that this is actually my 7th year in Japan.

7 years.

7 years of missed family events and friends’ weddings.

And I don’t want to miss any precious moments in the future.

Leaving in Japan is so much work. I need to submit an official resignation letter, terminate the internet, water, electric services etc., contact a moving service, pack all of my babies books that I’ve collected and I also plan to buy more books especially Japanese novels that would be crazily expensive in Malaysia.

So much work to do.

Anyway, thank to God, I have secured myself a job back in Malaysia so I hope you guys can wish me well in my future endeavour *wink*

Wishing you guys the best of luck too!

  1. Welcome back to Malaysia! You’ve learnt & experienced so much in Japan, and I’m sure you’ll thrive marvelously where ever u go. Truth be told, I am intrigued by your reason for leaving, am itching to know, really! But I think if I were in your shoes, wonderful though it may be, I would not be able to survive there for long anyway….not even a month! ;D

    1. Hahaha. I’ve always planned to work in Japan for like 3 years max but the work environment just didn’t suit me.

  2. Apa benda not really pleasant thing tuuuu ki ni naruuuuu #yourbiggestfan

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