10 Free Cute Digital Notebook Covers For Note-Taking

Here are 10 free cute digital notebook covers for note-taking suitable for most note-taking apps like GoodNotes and Notability. 


Hi everyone! To celebrate me getting a new iPad cute keyboard and Apple Pencil case, I present to you 10 cute digital notebook covers that I created from Procreate app.

As I love blue and pink pastel colours, I can’t help creating similar looking notebook covers, so sorry, and I love you so please continue to support me and my small blog!

What is Digital Notebook?

But first, what is a digital notebook?

A digital notebook is basically notebook but in a digital format. You can create digital notebooks on note-taking apps like GoodNotes or Notability which are both my favourite iPad apps for my study and planner.

How to use this free cute digital notebook covers?

You can right-click on the image and import it into your favourite note-taking apps. Here’s how mine looks like on GoodNotes.


Can this notebook covers be used in all apps? For example, GoodNotes and Notability.

I can’t vouch for all apps but for the one I used which is Notability and GoodNotes, the custom notebook cover works like a charm. Makes me more motivated to study Chinese.

Cute Digital Notebook Covers

Any notebook to your liking and if yes tell me on the comment below. It would be a plus if you have a colour or font suggestions. As you can see here, I’m not good at picking colours that I rarely use.

  1. I loved all your colours that were there but I would also like to see a Celadon green (light green colour) cover with maybe blue writing or gold.

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