15+ Favourite Hanfu, Chinese Traditional Dress

favourite Hanfu chinese dress; red coat in snow
A compilation of my favourite Hanfu, a traditional Chinese dress dedicated to my new found love for Chinese culture.

I’m a fan of East Asia drama and I especially love the beauty of Chinese dress when watching their historical drama which is why in this post,  I’ve compiled some of my favourites’ Hanfu that I found from Pinterest. You can also found all my pinned Hanfu from my board below.

But hey, what is hanfu?

Hanfu is comprised of the word Han 漢; major ethnic in China and Fu 服; clothes. So basically, Hanfu is traditional clothing for the Han Chinese. The clothing has evolves through times but I like the hanfu from Ming Dynasty and Tang Dynasty the most.

Warning: This post is going to be full of pictures so if you have nothing to do during Restricted Movement Order (RMO), bless your eyes with these beautiful Hanfu pictures.

Also a quick disclaimer, I don’t own these photos.


  • White, simple hanfu

favourite Hanfu chinese dress, white simple hanfuSource 

  • Black, elegant Hanfu

This hanfu screams elegance for me.

Black elegant HanfuSource

If you think the outfits are pretty, take a look at my recommended Chinese novels below. I like to imagine that the girls wearing these kind of clothing in the story.

  • Man, black and red

Man who can rock long hair is attractive.

Man black and red HanfuSource 

  • Man, blue hanfu

favourite Hanfu chinese dress; man blue hanfuSource 

  • Pastel, pink feminine hanfu

Pastel pink feminine hanfuSource

  • Red coat in snow

She looks ethereal. I want to take photos like this.

Red Coat In SnowSource

  • Gorgeous red hanfu

Gorgeous red hanfuSource

  • Gorgeous peacock pattern hanfu

gorgeous peacock pattern hanfuSource

  • Red robe autumn

Red clock autumnSource

  • Red robe, white hanfu

Red cloak white hanfuSource

  • Chinese dress

Chinese dressSource

  • 2 girls in Hanfu

Two girls in HanfuSource

  • Cool girl with bow wearing Hanfu

Cool girl with bow wearing Hanfu

  • Yellow and black Hanfu

Yellow and black hanfuSource

  • Gorgeous black Hanfu

Gorgeous black HanfuSource

  • Blue Hanfu with pipa

blue hanfu with pipaSource

  • Cute simple pattern white hanfu

Cute simple pattern white hanfuSource

  • Simple, clean white hanfu

Simple clean white hanfuSource

  • Hanfu Ming Dynasty

favourite Hanfu chinese dress; Hanfu Ming DynastySource

  • Pastel hanfu in snow

favourite Hanfu chinese dress; Pastel hanfu in snowSource

  • Pastel blue hanfu

favourite Hanfu chinese dress; Pastel blue hanfuSource

  • Fairy

favourite Hanfu chinese dress; Fairy


Here’s some interesting fashion timeline of Chinese clothing that I found from Tumblr. Interesting to see that as time changes, the clothing become much more shorter probably for convenience.


So how was it? The hanfu are pretty, right? And it also reminds me of the hanbok that I wear during my trip to Seoul.

I think it would be great if I can share on Malaysian traditional clothing as our traditional clothes are equally gorgeous too.



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