2017 July Monthly Reads

The odd thing about people who had many books was how they always wanted more.
― Patricia A. McKillip, The Bell at Sealey Head

Unlike June, I didn’t read much in July because I was busy moving back and forth from Tokyo to Himeji for job hunting lol. #whenwillmyjobhuntingendtho

july monthly reads

july monthly reads

july monthly reads


This is my first historical fiction of the year and it was okay. Not particularly good but not that bad either. But I love the fact that I could learn a bit about French Revolution from the book #historyisbloody #nowIknowhowFrancegottheirflagcolour #MarieAntoinettewardrobeisgoals 


Tell her, whispered Noah.
Blue took a breath. “Mrs Czerny. he’s sorry for drinking your birthday schnapps.”
For a moment there was silence. Mr Czerny and Noah’s sister looked from Blue to Noah’s mother. Noah’s father opened his mouth, and then Mrs Czerny started to cry. None of them noticed when Blue walked away from the grave.

#notsomuchloveforNoah #stillcouldntfigureoutthehypeaboutRonan.july monthly reads

The plots are starting to get repetitive.


july monthly reads

Rebirth’s storyline similarities and Yu Wo’s novel titled Dominion’s End is so uncanny. And the fact that the webtoon’s creator is Chinese made me think that there might be a bit of plagiarism involve. But, there’s a chance that it might be a coincidence. Well, who knows. And, My Dear Cold-Blooded King has one of the best music. Period. #handsomeguyswithlonghairaredoublehandsome

july monthly reads

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  1. Wahhh, suka baca webtoon rasya? Hihi kita suka jugak baca komik2 ni tapii tak tahu kat mana nak baca, awak baca kat mana biasa? 😀

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