5 Fun And Relaxing Things To Do During Lockdown

Join me with my recommendation of 5 fun and relaxing things to do during lockdown. Perfect for those who are bored and looking for some fun things to enjoy or those who’re a student and simply disinterested in learning (me! with my Master degree’s study).

I mean let’s face it, online distance learning (ODL) is tiring for both our physical (backache and eyes strain anyone) and mental health.

5 Fun And Relaxing Things To Do During Lockdown

So if you guys didn’t know, Malaysia has entered another never ending lockdown AGAIN after my last post. The lockdown period is extended till June 28th and this whole stay at home thing is a joke because workplace is still open for operation and you see the Covid-19 cases are not decreasing because of workplace clusters.

Anyway, back to the main topic. To soothe my anger towards my government’s incompetency in handling the Covid-19 pandemic and my frustration towards certain company’s management in not enforcing work from home, I present to you my recommendation of 5 fun and relaxing things to do during the lockdown.

5 Fun And Relaxing Things To Do During Lockdown

1. Reading webtoon

Forget everything about books because now webtoon, especially Korean webtoon is slowly climbing to be in the top 3 things I love besides reading physicals novels, reading Chinese web novels and blogging

I’ve quite a lot of webtoon on my currently-reading list but some of my favourites now are The Trash of The Count Family (the web novel is extremely good) and Eleceed.

Please wait for my next post on Korean webtoon recommendation *wink* and in the meantime, you can check out my Korean webtoon recommendation below.

2. Watching Korean drama

I’m more into Korean variety shows but recently Korean dramas hooked me up. I’m watching Vincenzo on Netflix and the storyline is A+.

Vincenzo Korean drama

Song Joong Ki’s acting is superb and I think he managed break out from the struggles actors usually faced after returning from their military enlistment.

3. Be a content creators on TikTok

I know that I’m not the only one who signed up for TikTok due to the Covid-19 pandemic, right?


Anyway, I started sharing about learning the Japanese language on the platform and I’ve no idea how and why it happened but one of my half-assed videos sort of went viral (to date, it has reached 1.2 million views) and I went from having 32 followers to 7000+ followers. 

Nihongo with Rasya Tiktok Profile

Being a blogger, I direct my audience to my blog and now TikTok has become one of my referral traffic sources right after Pinterest. So I definitely recommend you guys to be a content creator on TikTok. You can share basically anything like books, casual daily vlog, fashion, beauty etc.

4. Learning a new language

After passing the HSK 1 test (Chinese language proficiency test), I decided to halt off my Mandarin language learning journey to learn Korean next. I’ve signed up for class and I can’t wait to start.

There are a lot of free courses that you can signed up for such as Coursera but I want the classroom experience in learning Korean with other learners. Learning a new language can be a lonely journey so for me, having a face-to-face interaction is something that I need especially in this pandemic. 

5. Playing online games

Who’s here loves playing games?


I play games on quite a lot of devices such as Nintendo, PS Vita and mobile and recently I started playing games online on my Macbook. Probably because after doing my work and reading articles for my master degree study, I need an outlet to release my stress and have a little bit of fun and relaxing things to do without getting carried out.

I play games on this website called Plays.org and it has so many different genres to try. The best things is, NO ADS!

Some of my favourites are shown as followings:

Open Restaurant reminds me of the Diner Dash game that I used to play when I was young. The adrenaline rush when so many customers come in is awesome. 

I played this is a lot and here is my best score. I managed to last till Day 6. 

That’s all from me and if you have any more recommendation for fun and relaxing things to do during lockdown tell me in the comment section below *wink*.

  1. hello! OMG it’s been a while!
    I really want to try tiktok but it’s scary lol everyone and anyone can go viral and im not sure if im prepared if that happens to me
    i might try one day!

    1. Hi to you too! hahaha. Being viral can bring you bad attention. So far I haven’t received any (thank God) Usually I filtered the comments like putting certain words to ban

  2. Hi,
    I am the person who are not bored during the lockdown? Hahahaha.. playing online look interesting right now hehe. Thanks for the suggestions. I hope everyone are doing okay at this period.

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