9 Fun Games To Reminisce Your Childhood Memories

Welcoming you to the list of 9 fun games to reminisce your childhood memories.

A bit random but have you guys heard about the omicron variant?

I did and I’m not happy about it. I can foresee the future of being locked down again but can Malaysia afford another lock down?

I’m pretty sure that we don’t but if I’m going to spend my time at home again I will spend my time playing these 9 fun games to reminisce my childhood memories.

9 Fun Games To Reminisce Your Childhood Memories

  • Congkak
9 Fun Games To Reminisce Your Childhood Memories

The word congkak might sounds foreign to you but in Malaysia and I think Indonesia and Singapore, we have a traditional game called congkak where you fill up your ‘house’ with as much as pebbles you can. It required some mathematical skills to maximise the number of pebbles you can insert into your ‘house’ and also, to deceive your opponent aka ehem cheating.

I have the congkak board at home but I don’t remember where I put it.

  • Batu seremban
9 Fun Games To Reminisce Your Childhood Memories
Batu seremban

Just like Congkak, batu seremban is one of Malaysian traditional games and again, it’s really cheap and you can make it yourselves. It’s a bit difficult to explain how to play the game so here’s a youtube video as demonstration.

  • Gasing/Beyblade/Yo-yo

I remembered playing with these 3 when I was young. When I was in primary school, I love playing with Beyblade and Yoyo next due to I think an anime called beyblade, and for yoyo, I watched a Chinese drama where the characters played yoyo and entered competition while beating the bad guys. I don’t remember the show’s name but some of the actors are handsome LOL.

  • Uno
people playing uno
Photo by Yan Krukov on Pexels.com

Uno is such a fun game when you play it with your friends or families. The thrill of having the +4 and +2 cards in your hands and putting it to KO-ed the person next to you is fun. Some people said playing Uno can destroy friendship.

This card has destroyed many friendships uno draw four | Funny quotes,  Funny pictures, Humor
  • Card Games: Online and offline

Another games that I liked to play while waiting for UPSR and PMR results are card games such as Happy Family and Old Maid! It’s cheap and lots of people can play it unlike congkak.

A good thing about technology is now you can play all these games online for free! Plus, the website is ads free so you don’t have to worry about being directed to spam and scam websites.

Look at my score! I’m the winner!

The link to the game. Come on guys! Try to beat my score!

  • Solitaire

My all-time favourite computer games – Solitaire!

Again, this is the game I go to when I used my father’s computer. You don’t need an internet connection to play one.

But I’m using Mac so I can’t play it like before but now, you can play Solitaire online here. It has been many years since I played Solitaire and I’ve to say that I forgot how to play the game. It took me 1 hour till I won the game. And I chose the easy mode. *facepalmed* I even asked my brother for help and he was as bad as me.

  • Hidden Object
Hidden Princess

Sometimes you want to play detectives and one of the great ways to do so is by playing finding hidden object game like this.

Besides Solitaire, another old-school pc games are Minesweeper.

And it’s safe to say that I still didn’t get how to win this game LOL. I know it’s like Sudoku and you need to play with numbers but I’m not that good at maths so game over. Please someone teach me how to win this game.

  • Pinball
Image source

90’s kids will surely recognize this game! The goal of this game is to make sure the ball touched the bouncy things as much as possible. I still haven’t found the online version of this game so if you did know about a website like this, please tell me in the comment below. *wink*.

Anyway, stay safe everyone and have fun playing these games!

  1. wahhh, this post really reminds me of my childhood life, where all seems so easy. lol
    but jutaria is a must for cousins gathering 😀

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